Best Places to Visit in Africa: 10 Tourist Destinations, Safari

Best Places to Visit in Africa: 10 Tourist Destinations, Safari

Best Places to Visit in Africa: 10 Tourist Destinations, Safari

Africa holds the world’s 30% minerals and 90% of platinum. More than 50% of lands are covered by either forest or pastoral. Africa is one of the most and oldest populated continents in the world, where people practice more than 2000 languages. Let know more adventurous places, a safari in Africa and places to visit and explore.

Africa is also the most controversial and the driest continent on the earth. From the wild animals of grassland Serengeti National Park to the beautiful beaches of Seychelles Islands, and the king of Jungle Lion to inhabit Gorillas, Giraffe and Sea Corals makes the continent more unique and versatile. 

The continent is impoverished in many ways. But wildlife, real jungle safari, clear beaches, mountains, rivers, game reserves, the epic battle between animals, enrich culture, food, and different living style fill the life of travellers with adventures and enchantment.

Tanzania (Best places to visit in Africa and the best for Safari Adventure):

Tanzania is the home of the world’s top listed national parks as a country surrounded by mountains, river, beaches, dense forest, grasslands and majestic vivid wildlife. 

It has Africa’s highest peak Mt. Kilimanjaro, as the country is safer than others except avoiding isolated places. Tourism contributes 17.5% of the total GDP, according to Tanzania Invest Report

Tanzania (Best places to visit in Africa and the best for Safari Adventure):

Best time to Visit:

Dazzling tropical beaches are breathtaking in the summer. Travelling across the country with an experienced tour guide makes the tour of a traveller more productive and exciting as well.  


June to October is the most appropriate time to visit, especially to experience Safari adventure.

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Budget and days required– 

It is a budget-friendly country. $4500, including flight tickets for 30 days will be enough as the country’s currency, is cheaper. Most of the accommodations are superb, affordable, and a very few are luxurious. 

Traveller’s to-do list and the places you must not miss while travelling across the country: 

North– Arusha, Serengeti National Park, Maasai Mara Village, Lake Manyara, Mount Kilimanjaro and Ngorongoro National Park Safari.

Costal Side– Zanzibar Island and Pemba Island.

West Tanzania– Mahale, Katavi and Mpandafor Offbeat Location

South Tanzania– Ruaha, Selous and Mtwara 


South Africa (one of the Best Places to Visit in Africa for Safari, mountains and many more):

It is arguably the land of diversity, the unbeatable creature in wide ranges of the country, full of natural resources, majestic beauty in blue beaches, harbour land, mysterious mountains, desire grasslands and beautiful wildlife across the country. 

Various beings and animals of the state with a modern touch makes it one of the best nations to explore. Coastal city Cape Town holds nature, history, adventure and diversity in one place. 

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South Africa (one of the Best Places to Visit in Africa for Safari, mountains and many more)

Best time to visit: Mid May to September

Budget and days required:

$3000 for 20 days is enough to plan the trip of South Africa, including flight tickets. It can be cheaper if you plan early. 

To do list places across South Africa:

Cape Town: Table Mountain City, Beaches, Mountains, adventure and mysterious Creature Trek.

Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga and Limpopo Province.

KwaZulu-Natal province: the Drakensberg and Royal Natal National Park


Garden Route: Seaside villages, Forest Reserves, White Sand Beaches, Mossel Bay and St. Francis.


If we have to describe one landscape in the world, what would be that? Undoubtedly the answer is Namibia. It is recognized as the world’s oldest desert. 

National Geographic and stunning beauty make it one of the best destinations to explore in the world. Vivid natural wonders gouge the landscape, and mountainous dunes are quietly shaped and reshaped by the wind. 

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Fish River Canyon Park is a beautiful dream for every traveller, and the majestic Epupa falls are not to be missed. 

If your idea is for a dream vacation includes plenty of outdoor adventure and nature photography, then Namibia is the ideal spot to explore. 

Namibia: Best Places to Visit in Africa: 10 Tourist Destinations, Safari

Best time to visit: July to October is the best time to visit Namibia.


Budget and days required: $3000 for two weeks is enough to plan the whole trip. 

To-do list and places to visit across the country:

Etosha National Park

Red desert dunes Sossusvlei

Namib world’s oldest desert 

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Fish River Canyon 

Waterberg Plateau Park


Skeleton Coast National park and Windhoek 


Egypt is one of the most former countries in the world, considered as cradles of civilization for its advanced society built along with the world’s longest river Nile. 

Country’s hotspot location is the great Pyramids and the river Nile. Cairo is one of the most mysterious cities in the world. 

Egypt: the most cultural and ancient country

Best time to visit- October to April

Budget and days required- $3000 for 15 days, including flight ticket, is enough for your trip. 

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To do list places across the country

Cairo: Capital, Art, Museum and Pyramids 


Hurghada: Snarking, Island and Beaches  

Giza: Solar Boat Museum and Great Pyramids

Taba: Coral Reef, Monastery and Beaches

Abu Simbel Temples and White Desserts 

Mauritius (Heaven of the country):

Probably, God firstly created Mauritius then he made heaven. Because it’s challenging to differentiate between Mauritius and heaven. It’s a beautiful paradise and one of the best preferences for family, couples, travellers or any solo traveller. 

Twice the size of Hong-Kong, Mauritius is full of lovely beaches, adventure, history, mountains, corals, peaceful relaxation, multiculturalism, hidden sea world and most important freedom. You need not worry about anything while visiting Mauritius.

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Mauritius: Heaven of the country

Best time to visit: Mid May to December

Budget and days required- $2000 for a ten days trip is enough to enjoy it to the fullest and it’s quite a reliable country. 

To-do list and visiting places across Mauritius:

Black River Gorges National Park: Waterfalls 

Port Louis: Cruise Ride, Market Place and Harbour Hub

Grand Baie: Beaches, Market and Food

Le Morne: Beaches, Mountains and Hiking  


Chamarel: Waterfall and Hiking 

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Zambia- (don’t be afraid of Zombie that’s just a creature in Hollywood movies):

What if I would say, “Zambia has scheduled your date with Giraffe”. In Zambia, be blessed with waterfalls, wildlife, magical off-roads and unbelievable culture and remote village life. 

Be the eye witness of the birds’ migration in the forest, enjoy the Devil Pool Bath in Zambia. It is one of the safest countries in Africa to visit, and the nation is open-door to tourists across the world. 

Zambia: most adventure place and worth for safari and wild life

Best time to visit- July to November

Budget and days required- $3000 for peaceful 15 days trip.

To do list places across the country:


Victoria Falls and Devil Pool

South Luangwa National Park

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Kafue National Park

Lake Kashiba 

Blue Lagoon National Park and Lusaka City


Arguably Seychelles is one of the smallest countries in the world. However, if you are looking for a paradise full of beautiful beaches, islands, adventure, jungles, native wildlife, beautiful resorts, peaceful small streets of the harbour town Victoria City and lovely dishes, then you must visit Seychelles once in a lifetime. 

Seychelles: Best Places to Visit in Africa: 10 Tourist Destinations, Safari

Best time to visit- April-May and October- December is the best month to visit Seychelles.

Budget and days required- $3000 for a peaceful 15 days trip is enough to plan your trip.

To-do list and must visiting places are:

Mahe Island

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Aride Island

Fregate Island

Anse Georgette Beach


Morne Seychelles National Park

Clock Tower Area 

Praslin Island


Real wild in the land of Gorilla one of the most beautiful country in Africa, with its dense misty wild forest, mountains, crystal clear lakes, inhibited wild animals, rare species, game reserve and undoubtedly “Pearl of Africa” equatorial snow peak mountain in the border of Uganda-Congo. Some of the most iconic wild animals- Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Golden monkey, Sitatunga, Gaboon Viper, olive baboon, Ugandan Kob and Hippopotamus and Nile Crocs. Mysterious Lake Bunyonyi one of the Deepest lakes in Africa approximately 900m cover with more than 20 islands. Uganda is the best places to visit in Africa for wildlife experience and safari adventures.

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Uganda: wild life, safari and nature

Best time to visit- June to September end for the best safari experiences. 

Budget and days required: $2500 for 15 days. 


To do list Places across the country:

Kidepo Valley National Park

Lake Bunyonyi

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Kampala City

Queen Elizabeth National Park

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Murchison Falls National Park



Kenya is a gigantic nation surrounded by the beautiful landscape of a forest at the coast of Indian oceans. 

The beauty of Kenya is widely popular across the world, especially the distinctive living style of the Maasai community. 

Kenya is known as a “Hunters of Africa”. It has a unique geography, animals, beaches, lakes, mountains, game reserves, and wild animals which attracts travellers to visit Kenya.

Kenya: Hunters of Africa

Best time to visit: June to October 

Budget and days required: $2500 for 20 days is more than enough to plan a comfortable journey, including all travel and accommodation charges. 

Must do things and visiting places across Kenya:

Maasai Mara

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Lake Natron

Mount Longonot


Amboseli National Park

Tsavo East National Park


Mount Kenya National Park

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If you are tired of crowded tourist places like Europe, America and the Asian region and love to explore the treasure of unhabituated location and unique geography, Madagascar is the perfect place for you. 

The Island nation Madagascar is covered with Sandy beaches, emerald green forest and water. Also, untouched land with various species snarking on the island and hiking mountains are the most adventurous part of your tour. 

Madagascar secured 4th rank in the biggest island in the world. 

Madagascar secured 4th rank in the biggest island in the world.

Best time to visit: December to March

Budget and days required: $3000 for 15 days are enough for a beautiful and comfortable trip.


Must visiting Places across Madagascar:

Capital City Antananarivo

Nosy Be: Beaches 

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Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve

Morondava: Forest and Park

Fianarantsoa: Hilly Town

Isalo National Park


Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

Closing Keynote:

Africa is a wild, remote, inhabitant and less connected to the modern world with having less internet connectivity. As most of the areas are either dry or covered with dense forest. 

Civil war, hunters of nature, illegal drug mafia, unauthorised mine dealers are very common on the African continent. 

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Deforestation to capture natural resources, the unwanted killing of an animal to fulfil modern needs by western and European peoples are also common in Africa. 

Locals, militant groups, civil wars, smuggling of drugs and trafficking of children and human organs are frequent in Africa. 

The continent is widely famous for human trafficking and Somali Pirates in the Indian oceans for drug smuggling. 


Safety should be your priority and own responsibility if you go in some restricted areas. 

If the crime rate and illegal activity stop across Africa then I am 100% confident, Africa will be the best choice of every traveller across the globe. It can break all travel records as it’s the only continent after Asia which has everything from wildlife, waterfall, mountains to sandy beaches. 

Still, many areas are unexplored by humans and adventurers, which can be the hidden gems across the Continent. 

For exploring Africa, it requires more than two years to explore, and yeah, many travellers did it. 

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What to keep in mind while planning to Africa:

  1. Safety and security are significant issues in some areas.
  2. Keep yourself medically Vaccinated in the country as it is a very serious concern, because of deadly viruses and mosquitos.
  3. Your belongings should be in safe hands or carry it by self.
  4. Book your travel packages from a very reputed travel company only.
  5. Do not visit alone ever in a remote location in Africa. 
  6. Malaria is a major issue in Africa; almost the world’s 93% of malaria cases are in Africa. The WHO itself releases the report.
  7. Travelling alone, especially for a girl, is a terrible idea.
  8. Always take extra care while visiting in the night or probably don’t go outside at night at all.
  9. Be aware as most of the area is still wireless. I mean no connectivity to the internet as well as electricity too.
  10. Prepare for unexpected accidents like bribery, stolen things, missing electronics items, vehicle mechanical and tire puncture etc. 

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