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by Sachindra Vikram Singh

Your Travelling Story is an enthusiastic travel blogging site that publishes an inspiring and informing articles from the live travel experiences on International Travel, National Travel, Social Travel. Your Travelling Story is founded by 3 entrepreneurs Mr. Sachindra Vikram Singh, Ms. Sugandha Bansal and Mr. Pankaj Patidar on the eve of Christmas 25 December 2019; who are highly enthusiastic and professional travellers, photographers and writer by heart. With the various platforms such as blogging and social media channels, they give the complete guide to the world about the “Beauty of Nature” and share the best attractive destinations one should visit in their life.

What we can do for you?

Your Travelling Story features the experiences of passionate crazy travellers and professional photographers and write about their travel journey in life so far. It helps them to express their beautiful experiences, feelings and message to the world. Your Travelling Story delivers information, insight and inspiration for travel entrepreneurs to start and grow their own businesses in India and globally. Also, Your Travelling Story helps travellers and photographers to get sponsored and helps in launching their ebook or photography books.

On the other hand, the safest and most beautiful resorts, hotels and restaurants get featured in Your Travelling Story and get international recognition across the world. With its travel blogs, photos, videos on various platforms of social media it gives a clear picture to the travellers on what, why, how and where to visit and live a few beautiful moments of life with the fullest.

You will have access to all created content which will be packaged in the form of photos, videos and blog articles.

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Your Travelling Story is growing with the staggering rate and getting huge popularity on blogging sites, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in a very short span of time. It has become the ultimate influencer and true inspiration for the travellers’ by winning everyone’s heart. With the well-curated and critically informative content on complete guide on travels, Your Travelling Story has become the need of every travel bloggers, photographers, hotels, resorts and restaurants.

Your Travelling Story publish and curate the experiences and blogs on 5 well defined and filtered sections; which are, International Travel, National Travel, Social Travel, Your Travel Story and My Travel Story. It also has a 6th section to help the resorts, hotels, restaurants, and brands to grow and run their businesses. 



International Travel section shares all the information regarding tour and travel such as the best places to visit in the world, perfect destinations in Europe, India, America and in a few Gulf countries. It also shares a deep insight on where to stay and where to eat based on your budget. In one blog and on a single platform it also suggests the mode of travel with a suggested itinerary based on practical and live experiences.

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National Travel section under Your Travelling Story is more specific and focused on country-specific which is India. It publishes all the beautiful and best places to visit in India such as Leh-Ladakh, Manali, Himalaya, Kerala, Tawang, Ooty, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Varanasi and many more. In National Travel the beauty of the places, the captivating destination, blissfull places, fascinating resorts and hotels, mesmerizing nature get captured and expressed with the  Author’s dark Ink; which leaves the everlasting impact on anyone’s life and stay forever in the heart.

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In the 3rd section under My Travel Story, the real-time travel experiences, beautiful photos, desired destinations, beaches, resorts and personal opinion on travel are shared by the principal founders Mr. Sachindra Vikram Singh, Ms. Sugandha Bansal and Mr. Pankaj Patidar of YTS on a continuous basis.

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In Your Travel Story section, the stories of passionate travellers across the world get publish and the glorious moments, awesome clicks and their journey s far get featured. Travellers and Photographers gain huge popularity once they get published and they grow financially and morally as well. It is an ecosystem and community of travellers and photographers only where they share their expert opinion and live the world more with the interaction of each other.

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Social Travel features only those people who are blessed for society and with the contribution of their work they are bringing change in the world. They are transforming the thousands and millions of lives but they are still unknown to the world. The team of Your Travelling Story, travel in remote or undiscovered places and features the story of the legends whose bodies get destroyed in the service of others.


In the last section of Your Travelling Story: resorts, hotels, restaurants and other most specific and popular brands get published and gain popularity. It helps businesses related to the travel and fashion industry to run, grow and bring sustainability and capability in today’s VUCA world. Other famous products and service companies can work with us in collaboration or partnership.

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