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Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Asia 2020

by Sachindra Vikram Singh
Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Asia 2020

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Asia 2020

When everybody wants to travel, explore the world and lives in the beauty of nature and when Asia has the most enthralling tourist and travel destinations in its bucket, then who cares for the rest of the world, especially the people of Asian Continent. Asia has the most thrilling offbeat places, natural Beaches, lovely and luxury Islands, captivating waterfalls, Blissful Mountains and mesmerising lush green forests. Here Your Travelling Story has listed Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Asia 2020 based on the travellers choice. 

1. West- Mongolia:

It is the county of Genghis Khan’s, which is known for the largest Land Emperor in the history. Central Asian country Mongolia is not just a country but an experience for the whole life with Nomadic Mongol culture. Beautiful Lakes, Desert, Exiting Wildlife, Mountains, Rocky Stones and Panoramic Landscape are the few significant and attractive things which you can explore. Absolute eco-friendly peace away from internet, tech and robotic life in the contemporary world. One of the remote offbeat location with just 3 people in 100 km area is what you will find.

Mongolians are arguably the faithful & warmhearted people in the world. Nomadic Families Lifestyle of Grassy steppes and kind of hippie culture lives in new places. Naadam Festivals, Eagle Hunters, Horse Rider across Mongolia is renown here. It is best known for War Steed’s. Genghis Khan used to say “If you’re afraid – don’t do it, – if you’re doing it – don’t be afraid.”

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Asia 2020
West Mongolia

Top Places to visit in West Mongolia:

Altai Tavan Bogd National Park:

Altai is known for Gem River, Glacier, Scenic Grassland, highest peak in Mongolia and best Nomadic glorifying wisdom in the mountains. Tavan Bogd is the highest peak of Mongolia at 4369m. Rugged hill roads are rocky stoned, 4×4 is the only option in this mountain and don’t expect internet connectivity.

Gobi Desert:

Crooning Gobi Desert admire vastness. Vicinity of the dinosaur excavation area emptiness and downright stormy clouds and just 5% of sand in this desert and rest of the area is substantial, mud, two-humped camel, mountains and clear stretched landscape, and still it calls desert.

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Asia 2020

Gobi Desert-West Mongolia


Ancient Capital of Mongol Empire by Great Emperor “Genghis Khan” Founder of Mongol (Yuan) Dynasty in China. Historic city which was known for Sculpture city centre. Genghis Believe in openness, not in architecture and design, and that is the reason he never builds iconic structure due to Nomadic Culture; he uses to travel in great camps across magnolia. Karakorum situated in Orkhon Valley 350km from Capital city Ulaanbaatar.

Best Time to Visit:

June to August is the best time where an average temperature could be 23°C average. 

Budget: $2000 is what you can expect for ten days tour, including rented vehicle. 

How to Reach:

Ulaanbaatar is the nearest international airport. After reaching there, renting a Cab/SUV is the best option.

What to Eat:

Tsuivan, Kebab, Yak Butter, Marmot and chicken soup with Nomadic Family are some of the most delicious dishes.

2. Bali- Indonesia:

Southeastern country Indonesia holds more than 17000 islands is lying in beautiful nature and green dense rain forest. The main reason of fascination are Islands, Eco-Friendly Hotels, Beaches & Surfing, Caves, Waterfalls, Religious Temples, Lush Green Rice Farms and Tea estates, Exceptional Coffee Plants along with friendly culture. Bali’s economy depends on tourism, and that’s why Indonesia deliver highest tourist satisfaction in term of tourist attraction. Culture and eco-friendly environment catches eyes from the whole world. Here Your Travelling Story is listing Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Asia 2020 based on the travellers choice. 

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Asia 2020
Bali- Indonesia

Best Places to Visit in Bali:

Jimbaran Beach:

Jimbaran Beach is 4 km long beach which is famous for Surfing and Seaside Resort. It has unique Barbeque Food Court where it is fantastic to have food, water sports and Spa. 

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Asia 2020
Beautiful Sunset in Bali

Uluwatu Temple Diving Origin:

Classic temples and forest baboon who steels tourists’ things and loved chunky kids of monkeys are prodigious.

Tegalalang Rice Terrence: 

Secret villagers’ lifestyle and traditional rice paddies farming, along the valley, won’t let you go to your home. Because the ground is slightly soft and muddy, and you don’t realize how narrow the walkways are between the terraces. So be careful not to slip and land in one of the paddies.

Mount Batur:

Active volcano site in Bali, Climbing Volcano mountain is quite effortful but a lifetime experience in your entire trip. Sunrise is pivotal moment and took 7 km trek from Toya Bungkah.

Sekumpul Waterfall:

It is a Prodigious nature gift in the Northern Bali widely known for Photography and Trekking. Refreshing body underwater falls and can continue tour to Hundara Gate. Nowadays it is accessible for photography.

Best Time to Visit:

April to September end is a good time to visit.

Budget: Total trip cost could be $1000-2000  (90000 INR) for 7 days in budgeted resort. 

How to Reach:

It has Bali International Airport which connects almost all the major countries. Road trip is also a great option from Jakarta (Capital of Indonesia) to explore the beauty of the place. 

What to Eat:

The most famous and delicious dishes are Pisang Goreng, Sate (Meshed chicken), Bebek Betutu, Spring Roll, Seafood.

3. Bagan- Myanmar: 

In recent years, it is open for tourists because the country is lacking in infrastructure. Still, nature is what you love and the historic place more than 2000 temple is alive in God’s womb only “Kingdom of Pagan” who build Bagan Temple and stupas are world recognize Archaeological zone and one of the historical places in entire world. Southeast country Myanmar (Burma) are home to many precious stones. Most of the world’s rubies come from Burma. Bagan Temple is the iconic places that represent entire Myanmar. One of the remote locations and internet restricted site. Cyclin in Bagan Temples, hot air balloon ride in sunset time is the most captivating. Here Your Travelling Story has listed Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Asia 2020 based on the travellers choice. 

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Asia 2020
Bagan- Myanmar

Most Captivating Places to Visit in Bagan:

Ananda Pahto:

The most beautiful temple of Bagan.

Irrawaddy River Cruise:

It is the longest and prominent river cruise in Myanmar.

Thatbyinnyu Pahto:

12th-century’s temple in Bagan.

Dhammayangi Pahto:

The most significant temple in Bagan and one of the most prominent Buddhist temples too.

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Asia 2020
Bagan- Myanmar

Best Time:

November to February is the best time to visit. You will feel cosy and a bit cold.


$1500-$2000 is good to keep aside for the trip.

How to Reach:

Yangon Airport is a great connectivity of flight across the world. Also. you can experience overnight journey via Train/Bus/taxi to Bangan which is 600 km.

What to Eat:

Fish curry, Prawns, Mohinga, Shrimp and Pork Meat can be the most delicious and tasty dishes of yours.

4. Tokyo- Japan:

Tokyo capital city of Japan perceive as a technology commander in the world. Largest cosmopolitan city Tokyo is native to nearly 10 Million people. One of the main acumens to travel Tokyo is to digital devices leader, Shopping, Modern city tour, street food, imperial palace, Rapid Transit, sci-fi megapolitan feeling in every corner of the city. Ingenious people, culture, warmness and calmness, are enslaved to travel in Tokyo.  

 Tokyo- Japan
Tokyo- Japan

Most Desirable and Wanted Places to Visit in Tokyo:

  • The Imperial Palace: Japanese emperor palace surrounding with lush green, yellow and purple trees.
  • Kamakura: Temples, Beaches and Mountains are popular for hikers and crazy travellers.
  • Tokyo Skytree: It is the tallest tower, scenic painted broadcasting tower.
  • Nikko: It is 150 km away from Tokyo. The main tourist attractions are Shinto Sharen, Buddhist Temple, Gardens and Mountains.

Best Time to Visit:

September to April is the best season to visit. 


Take a minimum of $2000 budget for wealthy travel and healthy trip.

How to Reach:

Tokyo International Airport connects almost all the major countries. No need to worry about local transport. They have the best infrastructure and mode of transport in the whole world.

What to Eat:

Sushi, Roman, Shabhu Shabhu, Yakitori and Soba are the most delicious and famous dishes.

5. Kerala- India:

Kerala is known as a God’s Country inheritance luxuriant Green mountain all the year, blue paradise beach and island, perfect honeymoon places, Malabar cousins, best seafood, herbal medicine farms, Ayurveda, heritage churches, wealthiest temples, opaque tropical forest, more significant Waterfalls, unique species and wildlife, majestic landscape of Rice farms, Vedic learning centre, Islamic philosophy centre and ancient troves everywhere. It is holding the highest tourist number across south India.

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Asia 2020

Best Places to Visit in Kerala: 

  • Alleppey:  Backwater Cruise
  • Cochin: Backwater cruise and traditional nightlife.
  • Munnar: Hilly area famous for tea gardens and valley.
  • Wayanad: Popular for waterfalls and dense forest.

Kerala India

Best Time to Visit:

Early November to February is good to go.

How to Reach Kerala:

It has Cochin International Airport which connects domestic and international flights. It has great Rail/Bus/Cab connectivity. 


$1000-$1500 for 7 days can make your trip comfortable, including hotel+ food+ transportation. 

What to Eat:

Egg Curry, Cudala Curry, Utppam, Idly-Sambhar and local seafood.

6. Dubai- UAE:

State-of-the-art city in the Coast of Persian Gulf known for Unmatched Luxury in everything from the tallest building to Amusement park, the Malls, Man-made islands, festivals, imperial lifestyle, skyline architecture, boundless adventure, royal camel race to desert safari all define a distinctive leisure meaning for modern world. Dubai holding tag of having world’s large human-made building “Burj Khalifa” one of the most secured city in Asia, favourable country has tag of Arabic country change into ambitious state and role modern to rest of the Arabian nations. Here Your Travelling Story has listed Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Asia 2020 based on the travellers choice. 

Burj- Khalifa
Burj- Khalifa

Best Places to Visit in Dubai:

  • Burj- Khalifa: Tallest building in the world. 
  • Dubai Mall: The biggest mall in the world.
  • Global Village: World’s largest multicultural amusement Park.
  • Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo: Largest aquarium in the world.
  • Palm Jumeirah: It is a man-made island with a wonderful design of palm tree. 
Global Village
Global Village-Dubai

Best Time:

November to April is the best time, and world-class event organises in December.

How to Reach:

It has excellent flight connectivity from all over the world to Dubai International Airport, Rapid Metro and Bus/Taxi Service for the whole UAE. 


You need at least $2500 for five days trip and accommodation in a 4-star hotel.

What to Eat:

Al Jabab Bread, Camel meat, Dates, Fish and Kobza can be the amazing delicious. 

7. Phi-Phi Island- Thailand:

It is the supreme of all islands in Southeast Asia. Picture bliss beaches with little coconut palm trees over small rocky green mountains. The island is distinguished in UNESCO site and traveller call it Movies Island. The central hub of the island is Tonsai Bay. It has easy access to everything you’ll need, including more than 100 bars and restaurants to keep you alive. You can opt to stay at one of the resorts across the island for a more relaxed atmosphere. It has caves, a stunning lagoon with dazzling snorkelling and is native to the infamous Maya Bay beach. It is an all-time favourite for the tourists and close to their heart. 


Beautiful Places to Visit in Phi-Phi Island:

  • Ko Phi-Phi Viewpoint: Hiking viewpoint of the island for best view of coastline.
  • Nui Beach and Viking Cave: It has an underwater cave in the coastal mountain.
  • Loh Lana Beach: It is full of fantastic scenery, Snorkeling, Palm free downside of beach.
  • Bamboo Island: It has crystal bright white sand, turquoise water and casuarinas on the heart-shaped.
Ko Phi-Phi Viewpoint
Ko Phi-Phi Viewpoint

How to Reach:

Phuket International Airport connects all over the world. You can experience Ferry/Cruise to Phuket or Krabi.


$1500-$2000 is good to have for seven days tour in 4-star hotel/Resort.

Delicious Dishes:

Pad Thai Nuddle, Gaeng Wai Gai, Tom Kha Gai, Khao Soi, Tom Yom Goong.

Best Time to Visit:

November to February is the best season to visit. But if you want less crowd then plan your trip in the month of April.

8. Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province- China:

It is 15-hours drive from Shanghai to “Gate to Heaven” in the Zhangjiajie mountains which is a rare geological formation. It is also believed as a “Treasure of Mountains” in the middle of National Park, Sandstone cliffs are centre of attraction where “Avtar” Hollywood Movie shooted. Imaginary Planet of Pandora is like heaven. National Park, Pandora with flying Pillar Rocks, Waterfalls and Green Lush small streams of water and even Dragons are the mindblowing experiences for any travellers. Beautiful Chines Village Life, Caves and Lakes are blissfull. 

Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province
99 Band RoadTianmen Mountain

*Cable car to Tianmen Shan Mountain is another Stunning location in the mountains.

*99 Band Road which you can’t miss in Tianmen Mountain.

Attractive Destinations to Visit:

  • Zhangjiajie National Park: UNESCO world heritage site. 
  • Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge: Tallest Glass Bridge in the world.
  • Tianmen Mountain: Gateway to Heaven. 
Zhangjiajie National Park

How to Reach:

It has international airport Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport which connects the world. For local transport, you will get Daily Bus Service and Train Connectivity to Shanghai. 


If you have $2000 then it is good to go for comfort travel and accommodation in 5-star hotel including fare for seven days.

What to Eat:

The most delicious and famous dishes are Salted Fish, Pork Meat, Tofu, Noddle.

9. The Maldives: 

The Maldives is charming across the world which has a glamorous tropical island. Also, the main reason for tourist destinations are white Paradise beaches, lagoons, torques sea, colourful marine life, wedding destination, calm and happy islander ethnic groups and splendid people of Maldives who treat tourist as guest. Different world undersea make you feel superior in the blue oceans. Maldives is going to change the way of living life. Appealing calm beaches, coral, relucting resorts, water hut, relaxing Spa in the middle of oceans in Baros island, banana island, Huvahendhoo island are heart-touching and mesmerising. Rangali Island is famous for white sand beach and clear blue water. Maldives is known for luxury islands resort that goes around $7000 (5lac) per night. Here Your Travelling Story has listed Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Asia 2020 based on the travellers choice. 

Maldives Resorts
Maldives Resorts and Luxury Beaches

Most Fascinating Places are:

  • Male: Capital city visit Museum and art gallery of islanders.  
  • Huvahendhoo Island: Emerald-colored island impeccable villa, luxurious dining.
  • Como Cocoa Island: This resort has a gorgeous view with world-class luxury amenities in private island resort.   

Luxury Island and Resorts

Best Time:

December to March is the best time to visit in 23° to 31°C temperature. 

How to Reach:

Male International Airport is the only option. For local tour you can rent Cruise boat.


Your expenses could be $3000 or extra if you prefer 5-star resort.

What to Eat:

Gulha, Bajiaya, Thelui mas, Kavaabu, Celeriac and Starches.

10. Singapore: 

It is the ultimate refined global economic and financial hub with tropical climate, multicultural population located in the coast of Malaya Peninsula. Expensive island and country Singapore, amuse stylish as well as traditional phenomena. Green and safe environment, delicious food, world-class shopping city centre, latest fashion and electronically vibrant public transport makes it a more attractive destination. It has cultural diversity and much more in a tiny country surrounded in just 720km² with its futuristic vision of growth and development. Modern technological park, human-made trees, and bright climate-friendly cloud forest leaves its image in every travellers heart and mind.

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Asia 2020

Best Places to Visit in Singapore:

  • The Cloud Forests: Futuristic Forest or you can say sci-fi park in real life
  • Garden by the Bay: Lightning Sculpture Biodomes, Marvels of Engineering Art and Design.  
  • Botanical Garden and Zoo: UNESCO world heritage site popular for unique creature and pioneer contribution to nation.
  • Haw Par Villa: It is famous for vivid depiction of ten courts of hell from Chinese folklore, nightmare theme park.
  • Marina Bay Light Show: Magical experience and ethereal art installation, combination of light music and water spring fountain performance make it one of the best nightlife in Asia.
The Cloud Forests
The Cloud Forests-Singapore


US $3000 for five days TRIP including 4-star stay and city tour will be enough. 

How to Reach:

Changi international airport connects the world while local public transportation is excellent.

What to Eat:

Chilli Crabs, Hainanese Chicken, Nasi Lemak, Fried Hokkien Mee are popular and the most delicious dishes. 

Here Your Travelling Story has listed Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Asia 2020 based on the travellers choice. 

So, dear flocks!! What is going to be your captivating destination? And when you are planning to visit this year?? 

Let us share your dream destinations, life exposure and let us connect with Your Travelling Story.
If someone visited any one of the beautiful places then he/she can share his/her story with us. We will publish and let the world know about your treasure of travel and lovely experiences and how beautiful your travel was.


Question 1: Where should I plan my trip in summer, especially in the month of April-June?

Answer: In the Asian continent, you can plan your trip in Thailand, Bali and West- Mongolia. Other attractive and beautiful destinations are Leh-Ladakh, Manali, Khajjiar and Bhutan.

Question 2: Which is the best Asian country to visit from July to September? 

Answer: India, Japan, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet cab be your dream destinations.

Question 3: Which cities of India will be the best in the hottest summer of May-July?

Answer: Leh-Ladakh, Manali, Dalhousie, Khajjiar, Kashmir will be the perfect destination in the hot summer. Here, you can relax your mind, enjoy your vacation. These places are perfect for Family, Friends, Couples and even for Solo travellers.

Question 4: Can I prefer Thailand during the month of  May or June?

Answer: The weather remains a bit warm and pleasant in Thailand during these months. If you are travelling in summer, you will get financial benefits as well. You can book your hotels and tickets at half prices.

Question 5: Which are the most visiting places in Asia?

Answer: Manali, Leh, Kerala, Andaman Island in India, the Beaches Galore in Indonesia, Bangkok in Thailand, Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, Mount Everest in Nepal are the most visiting places. 

If you wish to know more treasures, Click Here Best Visiting Places in India are, and the 10th is Ooty Top 10 Best Places to Visit in The World

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