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Reasons to Visit Jaisalmer-Golden City

by Sachindra Vikram Singh
Reasons to Visit Jaisalmer-Golden City

Reasons to Visit Jaisalmer-Golden City

1. About Jaisalmer:

Royalty defines Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. Yes, Folks!! A place which is covered with full of Golden Sand, Mighty Desert and likely Magnetic and Glorious Architecture by Kingdom of Jaisalmer. Most of the Building cover with Goldstone and the design is so fascinating; you don’t need any other reason to visit. In this travel blog, the beauty and suggestions for travellers and tourist in the context of the top reasons to visit Jaisalmer-Golden City of India and the Ocean of Desert is discussed.

I can’t wait anymore to share my experiences in Jaisalmer through my travel blogs and photos. This Historical Heritage City itself an eyewitness which can win anyone’s heart. It is covered with Sand and which has only 70000 population in a small city of Jaisalmer. It consist least population and biggest district in India. 

Jaisalmer is very mysterious and dark truth is also spread that it is a Land of Gold. India’s battle filed, modern farming, solar and wind plant looks in landscape area very fascinating. 

Goldistan Jaisalmer
Golden Fort- Jaisalmer

India’s MOST HAUNTED VILLAGE; KULDHARA, is just 15km from Jaisalmer, one of the most mysterious place in the world to visit.

 In this travel blog, I am sharing my experience by explaining the reasons to visit Jaisalmer.

2. Reasons to Visit Jaisalmer:

One of the best living Forts of India. I must say it’s not a just place but a hearth touching memory that can only felt by visiting Jaisalmer. If you are a kind of traveller; whose priorities are to visit tradition, peace, happiness, majestic architecture, sculpture, landscape, war memorial; then this is all why you visit Jaisalmer. After all, Jaisalmer is a living soul of true traditional hospitality. 

My travelling friends, if you are in India and still not visited this beautiful place; then I must say you missed a lot in your travelling journey so far. The taste of GOLDISTAN is spectacular and lifetime memorable remark in your travel book. So, many ancient heritage sites can be found and viewed, such as Haveli and Palaces. In this travel blog, the beauty and suggestions for travellers and tourist in the context of the top reasons to visit Jaisalmer-Golden City of India and the Ocean of Desert is discussed.

Laungewala Yudh Sthal
Laungewala Yudh Sthal

Why to Travel the World:

Only Jaisalmer can give you a clear picture of “Why to Travel the World”. In the mighty Desert, you will find a small lake bright, dry landscape, as far as your eyes will see.

Jaisalmer is way beyond your expectations and explanation. Bhatti Ruler build the Jaisalmer.

The Fort is the centre of attraction of the city. Even you can see anything from the top of the Fort till 50 km; that what local believes.

A beautiful lake in the Desert itself is a mystery. Because in Jaisalmer is full of Sand and rain is critical; even in Monsoon season. 

5-day tour plan is more than enough to cover everything of Jaisalmer for an average traveller.

Balloon Ride, Camel Ride and Sand Moto, Vehicle Ride and Night Safari are some of the big things that must be experienced in Jaisalmer. These are the enough to excite and give the reasons to visit Jaisalmer, 

3. Location:

Golden City Jaisalmer is located in Rajasthan, India. Earlier it was independent constituency in the era of Bhatti Kingdom. 

King of Jaisalmer is popularly known for architecture, the real traditional style. Local people built this city like heaven. Jaisalmer is just 120Km away from International Border; due to this reason, military personnel can be seen everywhere. As I don’t need to add any point to say; they are kind and loyal, and your safety will be in the safest hand. People of Jaisalmer is so simple, generous, honest and kindhearted; that here you will find all religious people; who are living together peacefully. Not a single communal riots happened so far. Nearest and major tourist places of Jaisalmer is in 10-15km only. In this travel blog, the beauty and suggestions for travellers and tourist in the context of the top reasons to visit Jaisalmer-Golden City of India and the Ocean of Desert is discussed.

Jaisalmer War

4. Weather of Jaisalmer: 

Whether it is summer, winter or rainy season; Jaisalmer can be visited at any time due to Desert and tropical lines. But I must recommend you all to visit this fascinating place in between October to March. Best time to visit is in winter (December-January); peak season. You will find weather somewhere around (14-30) degree Celcius. In summer season; it goes beyond (40-45) degree Celcius. 

5. Why is the Winter best season to Visit Jaisalmer:

Yes, winter is the best season to visit Jaisalmer. If you are planning for New year, then it’s like Milk cake with honey added.

Most of the foreign tourists come in the month of Diwali; because of lighting and traditional festivals. I must suggest to plan a road trip to Jaisalmer. It doesn’t matter what your age, caste, colour or religion is. Just come and experience the beauty of golden kingdom in the Desert. 

6. How to Reach Jaisalmer:

Reasons To Visit Jaisalmer Via Air:

Jaisalmer is 780 km from New Delhi and 1050 km from Mumbai. It has less flight connectivity due to domestic airport. But you can get Flight from Jaipur to Jodhpur; which is just 560km.

Reasons To Visit Jaisalmer Via Train: 

Yes, Jaisalmer has functional train connectivity from Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Jodhpur; and most of the other part from India. Because of the Border area, is has functional railway connectivity over Jaisalmer and Barmer. Maruthal express, Ranikhet, Shatabdi and one of the most premium train “Palace on wheel” also Runs in between Jaisalmer-Jodhpur-Delhi-Agra.

Reasons To Visit Jaisalmer Via Road:

Best route to enjoy the Desert with of Sands is to plan your trip via road. Jodhpur-Jaisalmer Highway, one of the best ways in Jaisalmer. Because of the bright landscape and golden Sand with the beautiful scenery.

Jaisalmer is connected with Nation Highway. Nowadays, BRO is also building a road near the Boarder to increase tourism. You can get Direct bus from Jaipur in just 600 Rupees and have an overnight Journey. And if you are coming from Ahmedabad, it takes 12-hours journey via road. And the most popular way is Jaipur-Jodhpur-Jaisalmer(J-J-J) Highway. Now it has been newly constructed in amazing four-lane road.

8. Where to Stay during Jaisalmer Trip:

Jaisalmer has only 70,000 population, but the hotels are everywhere. You can get one-night accommodation from Rs 300 to 40,000 Rs; depends on your comfort zone and budget.

In Jaisalmer, you can get the most luxurious hotel in the world; which are; Ramgarh, Labh Garh, JW Marriott, Hyatt, Taj, Oberoi hotel and Golden Palace hotel in the Fort. Most of the international travellers stay in a 5-star hotel.

I would recommend you stay in local camps; which gives you the best traditional food, Folk dance and yes folk music in the middle of Thar desert. Even the camping stay is cheap and start somewhere 1000 to 9000 per night. Many international camping hotels are situated near the same dunes; which is 50km from Jaisalmer city. Also, you can find local guest room for just Rs 300 to Rs 1000 near to town.

9. Where to Eat:

Food is everywhere in Jaisalmer. Local street food of Jaisalmer is quite spicy. Romany Restaurant near Gadisar Lake road, one of the best local food providers. Try local Dal-Bati, the Rajasthani Food. You should also try some food served by Italian and Israeli Restaurant in the Golden Palace Area. But make sure if you are visiting out of Jaisalmer; it is a remote, isolated location where you might face some problem.

A vegetarian can have lunch in 150 rupees in an average restaurant, but if you are staying in camps, it cost you Rs 1500-6000 per person, including food stay and Tradition Folk Music. If You are in Golden temple must try Palace Cafe and Royal Lights. 

10. Nearby places:

Reasons to Visit Jaisalmer-Golden City
Tanot Mata Temple

Jaisalmer is a tourist destination, and yes, it covers a lot many things to cover during your trip. It has Palaces, Havelis, Archaeological Sites, Museums, Border Area, Famous Temples, and so many things in just (50-100) km from Jaisalmer.

War Memorial-1971 War
War Memorial-1971 War

Tanot Mata Temple is just 120km from Jaisalmer. Here, you will find live explosives and hand grenade used by Pakistan in the 1971 war. The best part is; BSF has taken the responsibility of this temple. You will find Indian army which is responsible for the security and safety of the people — Longewala War museum; which is captured by Indian army by defeating Pakistan in the 1971 war. 

Reasons to Visit Jaisalmer-Golden City

Indo-Pak border or point (BP609), can be a lifetime experience. But it requires special permit from BSF Head-quarters which can be managed by local travel partner.

Sun-Set in Sam Sand Dune:

Reasons to Visit Jaisalmer-Golden City
Sun-Set in Sam Sand Dune

Sam Sand Sune is what Jaisalmer is known for; a bright sandy desert; just 40km from the city, where all the camping site and hotel can be found. 



Apex government denies and ordered, not to visit this village after 6 PM. The entry is strictly prohibited, due to lots of paranormal activities. Its just 20km from Jaisalmer on the way to Sam Dunes.

Reasons to Visit Jaisalmer-Golden City

In this travel blog, we mentioned and shared our real-time experience in details and gave you all the reasons to visit Jaisalmer.

 Closing Keynote:

Jaisalmer served as a gateway of Gulf countries. Due to Desert and shiny sands, it is known as the Golden City. Jaisalmer is the heart of The Thar Desert, which is a centre of attraction and plays a crucial role in Jaisalmer tourism.

With its exuberant past, nature, culture and heritage, Jaisalmer is known as the land of wonders. Every dimension of the city has something special for travellers and tourist to boost their zeal and enthusiasm. In this travel blog, the beauty and suggestions for travellers and tourist in the context of the top reasons to visit Jaisalmer-Golden City of India and the Ocean of Desert is discussed.

If anybody wants to visit and wants any guide or suggestion then ask in the comment box. We will try to make your trip life time memorable.

If any travellers or tourist can express their lovely experience then they can write to us in the comment section. We will be glad to interact with crazy travellers.

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