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Social Travel features only those people who are blessed for society and with the contribution of their work they are bringing change in the world. They are transforming the thousands and millions of lives but they are still unknown to the world. The team of Your Travelling Story, travel in remote or undiscovered places and features the story of the legends whose bodies get destroyed in the service of others.


Also, in Social Travel under Your Travelling Story, the most mysterious, oldest civilisation and horror places in the world get feature. Your Travelling Story is trying to create the difference and make a bridge between stereotype, myth, orthodox thinking and reality by breaking unconventional thinking. Some places are beautiful, some places have their own culture and identity, and some places are really horror full of fear and trembling. So, reality needs to be picturised and truth must prevail.


The hidden or ignored legendaries who are contributing to humanity get featured. The most hysterical and haunted places, get published. Readers and travellers get the life changing experience and unforgettable memory for lifetime in Social Story section. It helps in transforming, experimenting and experiencing new things in life.

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