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Top 10 Places to Visit in the USA

by Sachindra Vikram Singh
10 Best Places to Visit in the USA

Top 10 Places to Visit in the USA

The blog is in the context of Top 10 Places to Visit in the USA, where a traveller can explore and be the eye witness.

1.Hawaii Islands:

The Hawaiian Islands are an archipelago of eight major islands, several atolls, numerous smaller islets, and seamounts in the North Pacific Ocean. It has more than 130 tropical islands which are covered with pure natural green mountains with high dense rare species of trees and plants. The world’s most active volcano site in Hawaii makes the group of islands even more thrilling. Hawaii Islands is not less than for any travellers who like adventures. 

10 Best Places to Visit in the USA

The great mixture of Asian-American cultures lies in the heart of Hawaii. Honolulu is one of the exciting islands, where most of the tourists visit happens for honeymoon, adventures, beach life. They enjoy and discover new things in dense tropical forests throughout the year and make their life worth. 

True nature lies in the womb of Hawaii such as beautiful beaches, dense jungle, high rise waterfalls, monotonous volcano island, caves and most adventurous high-rise wave surfing. Driving to Maui island over the dense green forest and on Kaneohe road mountain is one of the most beautiful eye-catching views, which you will not find anywhere else on the planet.

Honolulu Capital island of entire Hawaii makes this island densely populated in all-island, and one of the business districts, coastal beaches and beach resort of Honolulu is top-rated around every corner in the world.

Best Time to Visit Hawaii:

There is no specific time to visit Hawaii. Throughout the year, especially from December to March, where the crowds are at peak, you can plan your trip. 

How to Reach:

Honolulu international and Kone Airport have great connectivity across the world. For local visitors, they have functional connectivity for domestic flights and Choppers.

Must Visit Places in Hawaii Island: 

10 Best Places to Visit in the USA
  • Honolulu:

 Beaches, high-end resort, town hall shopping, war museum. 

  • Hawaii Islands:

Surfing in a colossal wave on Hawaii island is one of the most adventurous places for thriller travellers.  

  • Maui Island:

“Valley of Isle” snoring, scuba diving, a traditional festival in Luau, 

  • Kaneohe City:

Stairway to heaven, Byodo-in-temple, Pali golf course.

  • Kauai Island: 

Waimea Canyon State park, colourful volcano rocks, waterfalls, forest.

2. Florida: 

Most protracted coastline state in the entire united states of America, stating Antarctic ocean in the east and the Gulf of Mexico in the west. Every year Florida receives more than 40 million tourists footfall from all over the world. 

Sunshine beaches, Walt Disney World is one of the most popular theme parks in the world. Florida is the home of “Gators”. 

One of the interesting facts about Florida is, it has the highest point which is only 312 feet from Sugarloaf Mountain, near Clermont. 

It has the highest number of golf courses than any other state has. NASA’s Kennedy space centre, wildlife, beaches, scuba diving and night-life is famous in Florida. The blog is in the context of Top 10 Places to Visit in the USA, where a traveller can explore and be the eye witness.

10 Best Places to Visit in the USA

Best Time to Visit Florida:

November to May is one of the best times for all age group people to enjoy their vacations. 

How to Reach:

Miami international airport, Jacksonville and Tampa Airport have daily flight connectivity for international and domestic tourists.

Places you can’t Miss in Florida: 

  • Miami: Energetic Beaches, Nightclubs, Skyscraper, Coconut Groves and Gateway to The Bahamas 
  • Jacksonville: Islands, Zoo and Garden, Museum and Beach Town Centre 
  • Fort Lauderdale Water spots, beachside surfing and Sawgrass Recreation Park Everglades 
  • Orlando-Walt Disney Park, Kennedy space centre, Gatorland, Science Park, 
  • St. Augustine: Castillo de San Marcos, Old City Farm, Vilano Beach, St. John beach.  

3. California- The Golden State:

Silicon Valley, one of the most essential tech giant places which hold the world’s biggest tech companies like Apple, Facebook, Tesla, HP, Google, AMD Netflix and thousands of more. It is also the home of celebrities across the world. The world’s best film studios, beast beaches across united states, observatory hike trail, suburban Hollywood town, Akinetic Santa Monica iconic with Ferris wheel.

Los Angeles city is in southern California over the Pacific Oceans. Death Valley, National Parks, Glacier View Park, Redwood National Park are some of the famous spots which fascinates tourists across the world.

10 Best Places to Visit in the USA

Best Time to Visit California:

May to September is the best time due to sunny days and less rain. These days, the environment is very conducive to planning a trip.

How to Reach:

Los Angeles international airport is well connected across the world and one of the busiest airports in the entire US. 

Places You Must Visit:

  • Los Angeles: Hollywood Iconic Landmark letter stop in the Mount Lee, Disneyland Park, Griffith observatory.
  • San Francisco: The most exciting and captivating places are Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39 Bay, Alcatraz Island, Alamo Square, Wharf fisherman and Twin Peak. 
  • Death Valley National Park: It is one of the driest places on earth. usually in summer temperatures cross 50° degrees. Badwater Basin, which is 280ft below sea level, mysterious rock moves on their own. 
  • Mammoth Lake: It is one of the picturesque places in the mountain of Sierra, John Muir Trail, and Amazing Convict Lake. 

4. New York- The Empire State:

One of the leading financial metropolitan cities in the world, the economic centre and capital of the United States of America. Icon of America “Statue of Liberty” listed in 7 wonders on the planet is here in New York. 

The world’s most famous Streets, Skyscrapers, World Trade Centre, view from Empire State Building, International Food Courts, China Town, Basking in Time Square, like Music Shows, crossing Brooklyn Bridge, Cruise in the upper bay are in New York. 

Travellers can have the taste of Little Italy bakery’s, one of the best street food to enjoy in New York. Manhattan town world’s most developed CBD, Central Hall and Grand Central Terminal are the busiest subways in the world are few more centre of attraction.  The blog is in the context of Top 10 Places to Visit in the USA, where a traveller can explore and be the eye witness.

10 Best Places to Visit in the USA

How to Reach:

John F. Kennedy International Airport is the 6th busiest airport in the US which has 500 Aircraft capacity. It has vast connectivity across the world.

Must Visit Places in New York:

  • Central Park- It is one of the biggest parks in the entire city with beautiful gardens, zoos, and Wollman Rink. 
  • Statue of Liberty National Monument is 7 wonders and UNESCO world heritage site. 
  • Other most fascinating places are the Empire state building, Time square. It is one of the most developed business districts, 9/11 Memorial in the city representing terror attack. 
  • Lake George: 32-mile-long lake George is pure Adirondack lake, with magnificent scenic mountains.

5. Utah-Beehive State:

Utah is the gateway of the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Great Saltwater lake is one of them which is a miracle and one of the rarest lakes in earth as it changes its size every year with colourful nature. It is the 8th largest terminal lake in the world. 

Geographically Utah is like a fat bull as it has rare freefall arches of more than 200- stones across the big four national park in Utah. Every year the popular Ski competitions are held and is shows its significance winter destinations for American and the rest of the world. Utah consists of a Mormon community and a traditionally oriented city of the United States of America. 

Utah-arches national park
Utah-Arches National Park-USA

Best Time to Visit Beehive State:

October and November are peak season and the best time for boating and active wildlife trekking. The springtime will not be recommended due to the stiff and slippery trek in Zion National Park.  

Places you can’t miss in Beehive state- Utah

  • Great Salt Lake City- Colorful Salt Lake, Temple Square, Joseph Smith Memorial Building  
  • Monument Valley- Iconic landmark of America, Massive Sandstones Rise to 1000 ft. 
  • Zion National Park- Overlook Hike, Angle Landing Rock Formation, The Narrow Hike in the River Trail.
  • Ogdon City: The pleasant places are Hill Aerospace Museum, Peery Egyptian Theatre, Deer Valley Ski Expedition. 
  • Arches National Park: It consists of more than 2000 stones arches across the national park.

6. Alaska- The Last Frontier: 

The most freezy place on the earth where the temperature is recorded, -80° degrees. Yeah, it is true!! Alaska is one of the offbeat and remotely located areas defines the ultimate geographic location and epic scenery in the northwest of America touches border with Canada in the east, the Arctic Ocean in North and the Pacific in the south. 

Most people don’t know that Alaska holds 17 mountain peaks alone out of 20. The highest peak is of 20000 ft. More than 2500 rivers and 300,000 lakes are situated in Alaska. It seems a massive number. But, you hear right!!.

It is the most significant state in this planet having more than 100,000 glaciers with the best night sky views. 

Alaska holds the longest day and night. As once the sun sets, it rises after two months. How they are going to survive without light. Even this place is rare in term of wildlife also. It holds 98% of the total Brown Bear, Black Bear, Polar Bear, Caribou, Bull Moose, Dall Sheep, Orca Whale, Salmon Fish and Willow Ptarmigan and even more than 1000 species are living in Alaska. 

The second-largest freshwater lake in the entire united states which is 130km long and 40km wide. 

The only city in the united states where you can reach either via boat or flight. No road connectivity to the capital of Alaska- Juneau city which is one of the busiest seaplane bases in the USA.  The blog is in the context of Top 10 Places to Visit in the USA where a traveller can explore and be the eye witness.


Best Time to Visit the Last Frontier:

Summer is the only time especially from May to September, where you can access the route and climate will be feasible in comparison to other months. Many of the visiting places and mountains peak open for trekking in the month of summer. 

How to Reach:

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is a significant airport in the state. The best way to visit Alaska is a road trip from Vancouver or British Columbia. Many global cruise companies run between Alaska and Vancouver and it is also the right choice where you can enjoy the scenery of Whales and Seals around the Glacier Islands.  


The Most Blissful Places in Alaska:

  • Anchorage: It is the largest city with Chugach state park, Alaska zoo, Rasmussen centre where you can collect lifetime memories.
  • Juneau: It has Mendenhall Glacier Nugget Fall, Tracy Arm Fjords, Cruise to Glacial Bay National Park. 
  • Denali National Park: The most fascinating places are Denali Peak Trek, Horseshoe Lake Trail, Cycling in Denali Park Road, a Safari in Park Road.   
  • Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve- The places are Margerie Glacier, Mount Fairweather and trek to John Hopkins Glacier.
  • Seward City Kayaking is the adventurous centre for the tour to Kenai Fjord National park, Harbour Marina and Whale while enjoying cruise ride. 

7. Washington DC- Chocolate City:

Super Capital state, officially DC (District of Columbia) is home to the administration of the country. It is a hub of international organizations and embassies of more than 174 countries. Pictorial architecture and building make it a super city in the entire America. 

Brimming with art galleries, memorials, museums, watering holes for high powered politicos are there. White House residents will tell the supreme livable to you. Widely dense parks, breweries and state of the art-rock venues is the main centre of attraction of the city. Millions of people travel to Washington to see the monument and memorial of American history.   

Washington dc-USA
Washington DC-USA

Best Time to Visit:

March to early June is the best time to visit as most of the crowded travel in summer. 

How to reach- Dulles international airport and Ronald Reagan international airport occupy maximum traffic of international flights. It has the right rail and bus connectivity across the state. 

Must Visiting Places:

  • The White House and US Capital Hall
  • The Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial and Tidal Basin
  • Washington National Cathedral and George Town historic city 
  • National art gallery, Potomac riverside Arlington National Cemetery

8. Nevada- Silver state of America:

One of the fourth-largest producers of gold in the world and the capital city Carson where Los Vegas is the largest city. Nevada attracts many tourists and new businesses every year. People love Nevada because there are plenty of attractive things to do and see. 

Some of the most popular Nevada destinations are Death Valley, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon, Laughlin and Lake Havasu. Gateway of Zion national park in Utah, the Grand Canyon in Arizona and the beautiful beaches in California can attract and tourists eyes.  

Nevada- Silver state of America
Nevada- Silver state of America

Most Beautiful Places are:

  • Las Vegas:

 The attractive destinations are Vegas pool party, Museum and art centre, Luxury Casino, iconic street, world-class hotel, nightlife and live stage performance and hoover dam. 

  • Reno: 

It is the most significant city in northern Nevada famous for outdoor activity, games, cultural activity and many more.  

  • Red Rock Canyon national park:

It consists of Waterpark, Camping, desert sanctuary, trekking and driving to Death Valley one of the driest places on earth.

  • Lake Tahoe:

 It is full of green and white mountain, emerald bay park campsite, skiing and snow spots.

9. Arizona- Grand Canyon State: 

Arizona is one of the most prominent places in the entire country. It is the world’s only place, where Saguaro Cactus grows. Also, it is one of the seven natural wonders of the Grand Canyon. Scientifically, it is an essential location for NASA space centre for observatory and strategically. The presence of rarest primitive rattlesnakes in the desert state are here. 

Due to the driest place, sometimes, the hot temperature is the killer for the travellers. So, you must carry the bucket of water in buffer. 

Gila Monsters and a variety of reptiles live in the state. Pluto was discovered in the Arizona observatory. The great basin is famous for Bristlecone Pines. These trees have endured for millennia, some estimated age of more than 5000 years. Diverse range of seasonal plants loom in the summer and are the centre of attraction in the desert. The blog is in the context of Top 10 Places to Visit in the USA where a traveller can explore and be the eye witness.

Arizona- Grand Canyon State
Arizona- Grand Canyon State

Best Time to Visit:

September to November is the best time as its more refreshing and best time for trekking and trails. Most of the people visit in October, and that’s peak time. 

How to Reach:

Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport is the nearest airport. The best way to reach via a road is to plan your trip from Los Angeles Scenic Road and Death Valley. It is going to help you to explore the cultural activity and travel community roadside. 

Must Visiting Places: 

  • Grand Canyon National Park: The most prominent things to do are, Village tour, Geological Tour to Grand Canyon, Viewpoint via Angle Point and Rim Trail, Near Grand Canyon Havasu Waterfall, Havasupai Canyon Tribe, Monkey Fall Hike.
  • The other thrilling destinations are Phoenix, Camelback Mountain, Desert Botanical Garden, Southern Park Mountain, Papago Park Hiking. 
  • Sedona- Chapel of the Holy Cross, Airport Mesa Hiking Trail, Scenic Cycling through Sedona. 
  • Tucson- Pima Air Space Museum, Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson Mountain Park and Mount Lemmon Scenic Byway. 

10. Texas: 

Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth and more – there are world-class cities all over Texas. Austin offers more music venues per capita than any other city and is known as the Live Music Capital of the World, Dallas is a shopper’s paradise offering more shopping centres per capita than any other city in the US.

Houston is considered to be the most diverse city in the United States and their Museum District attracts more than 7 million visitors a year, Fort Worth is what many people consider the rodeo capital of the world, and San Antonio, on the axis of three geological terrains: Hill Country, South Texas Plains and Prairie and Lakes, has one of the most lively downtowns in the nation. The Texan cities offer huge diversity, unique cuisine and are cultural hotbeds. The blog is in the context of Top 10 Places to Visit in the USA where a traveller can explore and be the eye witness.


What Fascinates more to Travellers;

  • Healthy and Delicious Eats. You can feast like a king all year long in the great state of Texas.
  • Music Mecca. The Lone Star State is well represented across a variety of music genres, from Tejano and country to indie and rock.
  • Discovering Undiscovered Shorelines
  • A humble History
  • Cowboy country.

Best Time to Visit Texas: 

The best time to visit Texas is in early spring, between late March and April. Winter’s chill is gone throughout much of the state, the wildflowers are in bloom, and summer’s scorching temperatures haven’t arrived yet.

Must-Visit Destinations:

  • Huston
  • Dallas
  • San Antonio 
  • Austin 

Author’s Closing Keynote:

The USA is a vast and diversified country and incredible to explore the cultural, social and economic ground. I mean, there’s not many countries that span for thousands of miles which include tropical and arctic climates in one place and have room for plenty of interesting facts.

It has the biggest economy in the world and 3rd largest geography. The United States of America is leading everywhere at everyplace, whether, It is innovation, science, trade, power, technology, entertainment, space, arms and tourism. Every industry is globally recognised and contributing magnificently. 

The US passport is another great and interesting thing in the world. It gives you the access to 120 countries free visa, and 44 Countries have a visa on arrival

The US holds the highest number of entrepreneurs in the world. The Pentagon is the largest office in the world. 50 states are geographically bigger than 150 countries whereas Alaska is a cross border state by crossing Canada. 

American wildlife is diversifying and the rarest Grizzly Bear are found here. One of the favourite foods of Americans is Pizza. Every day, 100 Acer pizza is served. Americans eat 100 acres of pizza a day in the U.S. They do love their pizza. That’s 3 billion pizzas, or 46 slices (23 pounds), of the stuff for every person in the country, every year.

From the shores of Florida and epic cities like New York and San Francisco – almost everybody has a dream to see, live and enjoy. The blog is in the context of Top 10 Places to Visit in the USA where a traveller can explore and be the eye witness.

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