Why to Visit Dubai once in a Life-Best Places

Why to Visit Dubai once in a Life-Best Places

Why to Visit Dubai once in a Life-Best Places

About Dubai:

Dubai is situated on the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates. The emirate of Dubai shares borders with Abu Dhabi in the south, Sharjah in the northeast, and the Sultanate of Oman in the southeast. It is the most developed and desert city with state of the art architecture and liberal policies which makes it one of the best destinations to travel in the middle east. The context is curated to explain Why to Visit Dubai once in a Life-Best Places.

Why to Visit Dubai once in a Life-Best Places

In the recent year Dubai become accessible travel and most preferable wedding destination for most of the people across the world. Dubai developed itself as a Global Business centre without having any geographical, natural or location advantage. 

More than 85% of people are foreigners. The education and income tax are entirely free. It is known for its lavish lifestyle of emirates, Supercar on the roads, world-class road and trendy people make this country even Supreme. 


Why Dubai: 

Dubai is the emirate city of UAE which is one of the most expensive, luxurious and superior town in the world. State of Art, infrastructure in the Arabian Desert expanded itself as an ultra-modern city in the world. Innovative development, architecture, 5-Star glams, world-class skyscrapers, ultra-rich lifestyle of people drives the city and its economy as well. 

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Real-estate, tourism industry and heavy fines drives the economy of Dubai. With the mindset and philosophy of being either NUMBER #1 or THE ONLY #1, they have created more than 186 world records. and that’s massive number are the indication of hights of growth from a small Persian Gulf nation. 

Why to Visit Dubai once in a Life-Best Places

The some world-class records are, “Tallest Building in the worlds, Tallest Frame in the world, most extensive Flower Garden, Largest Mall, Biggest Gold Ring, Longest Driverless Metro Network, Biggest Human-Made Island, Robot Camel Racing, Most Prolonged Paintings, Cleanest City in the World, Most Massive Underwater Zoo and the Fastest Police Service in the world”. 

Dubai Cars
Luxury Car

Ultra-rich lifestyle of the country can be seen from just police department where they have high-end supercar and equipped with the most advanced technology. There are only 0.03% crime rates in the whole city, which makes it one of the safest places to live and visit. The context is curated to explain Why to Visit Dubai once in a Life-Best Places.


Interesting Facts About Dubai: 


Dubai never settles for anything less than first place. They believe in the philosophy of being either NUMBER #1 or THE ONLY #1.

  • Dubai has zero per cent poverty, with no cases of malnutrition and food insecurity.
  • Government departments and other functioning bodies are fully automated and well structures all in automated.
  • It has the most luxurious skyscraper in the world. #1
  • The highest base jump point in the world from human-made structure is in Dubai. #1
  • World’s most prominent fish tank. #1
  • 85% people are Expats
  • Gold ATM, Cars, Ports and Picture Frame.
  • Largest water screen projection. #1
  • Dubai Mall. #1
  • Burj Khalifa-World’s largest tower. #1
  • Palm-Jumeiraj- Man-Made Island. #1
  • Burj Al-Arab- The only Seven-Star Hotel in the world. #1
  • The world’s biggest flower garden. #1

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How to Reach Dubai

Best Time to Visit Dubai- November to April (Festivals and Cultural Events Time)

Weather of Dubai:  In summer it touches 50°C+ and in winter the average temperature is 16°C.

Budget for Trip: Minimum $3500 for 4 Nights and 5 days tour including 5-star hotel.

Popular Cities Nearby Dubai:

Abu Dhabi- Capital City of UAE

Dubai- Biggest City 

Sharjah-Cultural Capital of UAE

Ajman- Peaceful and Relaxing City 

Al-Ain- Garden City of UAE


Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa is the highest man-made building on the earth, which is the iconic building of United Arab Emirates as well. Observatory Point is at the 124th Floor, which makes it even highly exotic. Marvel of 21st century, 160 stories building hold more than 6 world records in itself. 

Burj Khalifa

Land of Skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa display exceptional work of art. With its unfragmented beauty, it is “The Jewel of Dubai”. Another exciting fact about Burj Khalifa is; it can be seen from 95km far in the clear weather. 

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Dubai fountain hold another record of the world’s most extensive dancing fountain system. 

Burj Khalifa is the heart of downtown Dubai and its safest building in the entire UAE and middle east. Worlds highest base jump point in any building in the world at the height of 672 meters. Dare people from across the globe come to experience the base jump. 

Most of the famous Hollywood movies such as Fast and Furious, Mission impossible and Geostorm is shooted in Burj Khalifa. The context is curated to explain Why to Visit Dubai once in a Life-Best Places.


Fee Entry- 135 AED for 124th-Floor Observatory Point.

Time: 8 AM to 11 PM

Recommended restaurant- Tallest Restaurant “Atmosphere Burj Khalifa” in 122nd floor.

Luxury Hotel- Armani Hotel Dubai and Burj Dubai.  

Palm- Jumeirah: 

Palm-Jumeirah is the heartland of Dubai. It consists of Palm Trees, Artificial Offshore Islands, Private Beaches, Hotel, Residence, Resorts, Water-Parks, Beach-Clubs, Restaurants and Commercial Spaces. Large archipelago is visible from space, and the outer crescent is almost 10km long. 

Luxury Villa, JW Marriot, The Atlantis, Cayan Tower, free fall over Pal Jumeirah, paddling around the Palm and speed motorboat ride in Palm island will touch your heart and kiss your breath pleasantly. Dubai Luxurious Lifestyle can be seen everywhere in the Palm Island. 25-minutes Helicopter ride in the Palm island is like junky travellers feelings. Beachside food court and water-sport are the scenic places what you will love the most. The context is curated to explain Why to Visit Dubai once in a Life-Best Places.

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Entry Fee- No entry Free 

Time- 24 hour open

Restaurant- Club Vista Mare, Frevo, Sea fire steakhouse, Miyabi Sushi 

Luxury Hotel- Atlantis, Kennedy Tower, Royal Club, Palm tree and Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah.

Dubai Miracle Garden:


Why to Visit Dubai once in a Life-Best Places

It is the most extensive flower garden in the world with the classic Opulence. Dubai is still creating a miracle for the rest of society, no matter how they are achieving such a milestone. 

Why to Visit Dubai once in a Life-Best Places

  1. It has a colourful field which is shaped like heart Blooms, Igloos, trellises constructed building, something like fairy tale and with more than 120 varieties of flower. It has almost 60 million flower in the miracle garden. The most popular and creative architecture, Emirates Flight A380, Floral Auditorium, The Burj Khalifa, Heart shape passes, Umbrella shape roof, floral bungalow, Eiffel Tower, Igloo House and all covered with colourful flower which itself a miracle. Dubai Miracle Garden reserves more than 4 World records in itself.
Why to Visit Dubai once in a Life-Best Places

Time and Entry 9 AM-9 PM Fee (40 AED)

Recommend Time for Visit- Evening or Early Morning in Summer

Restaurant- Hardees, Azarat Lebnis and Fatayer.   

Why to Visit Dubai once in a Life-Best Places

Aquaventure Waterpark:

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It is located on Palm Jumeriah island along with Atlantis hotel which is known for the largest waterpark in the middle east and Europe. It allows us to experience breathtaking water ride and undiscovered slides like Swim with Shark. Aquaconda is known for the world’s largest waterslide as well as thrilling leap of faith and Poseidon’s Revenge slide will pump your heart for sure. 

Aquaventure Waterpark Dubai
Aquaventure Waterpark-Dubai

Most popular slide is serpentine spin on Slytherins which is first dual waterslide (suspended waterslide within a waterslide) where you can slide thought wild frenzy of twist and turn around Aquaconda. Deftly gravity on Zoomerango. Torrent water one of the signature attraction in the Water-Park. Which throwing and steering you in your inner tubes along the river on the wave crests. The context is curated to explain Why to Visit Dubai once in a Life-Best Places.

Ticket Price and Entry Time 150 AED from 10 AM to 6 PM

Restaurant and Hotel- Atlantis Hotel, Asia Republic and Ronda Locatelli.

Global Village: 

It is the place where almost every culture in the world showcases. It is famous for family vacation to explore more than 75 countries culture. UAE is the first country to host more than 75 countries in a single space. It has the creative handicraft, food, architecture, live shows and performance, taste of multiple cousin, emirates art and shopping stuff. 

Global Village

Global village host more than 5 million people. Dubai hosts a festival every year, which become the centre of attraction for the tourists across the world. The visitors never go back with empty hand from the global village as it has something unique for any age group people. Global community is a platform which create massive impact on tourist industry as UAE is now 4th most important tourist destination in term of visitors. Most popular places in Global village is Haunted house, mobile movie experience, firework, Japanese Calligraphy, MENA pavilion, far east Pavilion, the Americas and South Asia are popular one. 

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Open – October- April 

Time – Saturday- Wednesday 4 PM -12 AM/ Thursday-Friday 4 PM-1 AM

Ticket cost – 15AED per person

Dubai Mall:

If you are looking for something unique to wear, utilize or experience with luxurious shopping experience, then here is the World’s biggest Mall #1. It is known for luxury and lavish lifestyle; gold plated supercars, world-class Jewelry, space-age skyline, high-end boutique brands and the most coveted fashion brands. 

Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall #1

The Dubai Mall has four sections for shopping, entertainment, food court and amusement park. It is located near Burj Khalifa. The Mall size is equal to almost 50 football fields. It is also consist of some unknown amazing places like waterfall Amusement park, VR game Zone, Olympic size Ice Rink, Cinema, 8D screen, Dinosaur Fossil, Creek Tower, Numerous KidZania, Underwater Zoo and more than 1300 outlets. 

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If you are pocket-friendly, then this place is for you only, as it holds almost every top luxurious brand. 

Time- 10Am- 12AM

Entry Fee- 0 AED (Entry is Free)

Recommended Stores- Mugler, Chloe, Bvlgari and Perfumery and Co.

Dubai Aquarium:

It is the world’s most attractive and human-made Aquarium, which is underwater Zoo showcasing the beauty of the ocean. It has a massive collection of marine species and animal from all over the world. Aquarium underwater tunnel is exciting to see marine life and scenic places which will provoke and make you crazy to keep camera lens on. 

It also has the most awaited dream of three world-class ecosystem, which is Rain Forest, Thunderstorm and Living Ocean. You can be the eye witness of Giant penguin, White Crocodile, Otters, Piranha, Unique crabs, Fishes and much more. 

Dubai Aquarium

  • The most adventurous experience of yours will include the shark feeding, diving in shark pool, cage snorkelling, scuba diving with shark and meeting the world’s biggest reptile croc in the world.

Ticket Cost – 175 AED

Timing- 10 AM- 5 PM

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Desert Safari:

If you are discovering the most awaited Fusion of Adventure and fun in the middle of the desert then Desert Safari will be in your breath till last. Landscape of desert is so mesmerizing, bashing and satisfying that it will give you the absolute pleasure. You must experience the crazy feeling of driving 4×4 vehicle in everywhere abundantly in the middle of the desert. 

Why to Visit Dubai once in a Life-Best Places
Desert Safari- Fusion of Adventure

Adrenaline rush of quad biking through dunes, Camel ride, Dune bashing, Hot air balloon ride, camping with nomadic Arabian camps and taste of Arabic food in desert with folk music and local Belly dance and Tanura dance will make you even more shining. 

The best part of Desert Safari is Sunset and Sunrise which people should not miss. The real adventure in the middle of the desert attracts and bound people to accommodate for a memorable night. Desert safari experience tailored might suit you even more. The context is curated to explain Why to Visit Dubai once in a Life-Best Places.


Place- Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve 

Camping Cost- 800AED Including 1-Night stay

Recommended Camp- Atlanta Desert Safari, Al Khayyam travel camp and Al Maha Safari Camp and Spa Resort. 

Dubai Marina:

The most developed district of the entire middle east or arguably in the world. It has 3km long encircled road, and broad landscape backwater and luxury yacht, fountains, jogger trek, restaurants, cafes and skyscrapers. It can light up the spectacular dinner cruises glide out to ocean. Every Tuesday you can enjoy street shows, live stage performance, handcrafted jewellery and antique souvenirs with many others. High-end storefronts and luxurious residence make this place one of the most excellent places to live and spend. Most popular cruise ride, nightlife and evening fountain show which make you love with Dubai.

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Time to Visit- 10 AM-10 PM all day (except summer)

Recommended Restaurants- Zafran Indian Bistro, Pier 7, Loca Lito, Barasti, 800 Pizza

Luxury hotel – Hilton Dubai, Address Dubai Marina, Rove hotel

World Islands:

If you want to visit seven continents in 1 day then this what you are looking for.  Yeah Folks!! One of the rare places or you can say, the most exceptional art done by Artist while making World Island. It is shaped in the form of countries geographic with the impressive beauty. Bunch of islands can be seen from the space. It is also damn true that another world record in the pocket of UAE. Luxurious resort, hotel, fine dine restaurant, beaches, watersports, special event celebration, playing volleyball on beachside is enjoyable. The island accepts the reservations for wedding, reception and birthday celebration. It consists of more than 300 islands which require more than three days for complete tour. Private beaches, resorts, hotels, residential villas, spa centres and small parks makes your day.

Why to Visit Dubai once in a Life-Best Places
World Islands-visit seven continents

Transportation: Private Yacht and speed boat from Dubai Harbor. 

Budget- 1500 AED for single day including stay. 

Recommended Resorts and Island:

1. Toro Blanco in Lebanon island

2. Cote De Azur in Monaco island

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3. St. Petersburg Island

4. The island Dubai.


The Most Delicious Dishes and Drinks:

  • Chicken Machboos.
  • Camel meat alongside rice and vegetables.
  • Tabbouleh served with couscous.
  • Manousheh topped with Za’tar.
  • Al Harees.
  • Luqiamat served with a sweet date syrup.
  • Kanafeh sprinkled with pistachio.
  • Gawah (Arabic coffee)
  • Manousheh – Pizza Of Dubai
  • Iranian Sangak – One Of The Most Popular Dishes
  • Chelo Kebab – A Heavenly Taste
  • Al Harees – Taste The Tradition
  • Al Machboos – Surprisingly Delicious
  • Tabbouleh – For Those Who Are Health Conscious
  • Kousa Mahshi – Taste The Classic Spices
  • Shirin Polo – For An Authentic Dining Experience
  • Baba Ganoush – An Epic Starter
  • Fatteh – All Things Good In One
  • Kellaj – A Cheesy Delight
  • Falafel – Prepared With Love
  • Fattoush – Healthy And Yummy
  • Shish Tawook – Have It Like The Locals
  • Lahem Bl Ajin – The Arab Pizza
  • Taboon Bread – Not Just A Bread
  • Mahalabiya – Can’t Afford To Miss
  • Luqaimat – You Can’t Have Just One
  • Knafeh – Cheese Pastry Redefined
  • Khanfaroosh – For Teatime

Visionary Leadership Took Dubai into the New World: 


UAE “Gulf Tiger” of the Middle East is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It is the country which has nothing 20 years back in terms of growth, development, infrastructure, technology or could be anything. But now, it holds the world’s most enormous skyscrapers and supreme architecture and continuously maintaining significant world records. 

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With its magnificent and spectacular achievements, UAE is the role model in the world’s history. It encourages the diversification of the economy, free trade, skill empowerment, adopting technological, healthy environment from all over the world. It has the record of fastest economic growth and much more fantastic fact. All the credit goes to the prime minister and the visionary leader Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum who is the ruler of UAE. With his visionary thinking and legendary work, Dubai is the benchmark and the excellent example of any country. The context is curated to explain Why to Visit Dubai once in a Life-Best Places.


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