Best Places in Europe are… And the 10th is the Czech Republic

Best Places in Europe are... And the 10th is the Czech Republic

Overview of the Most Beautiful Places in Europe

Europe one of the dream destinations for travellers across the world. Only potential travellers visit due to high living and lifestyle. And yeah this is the most visited continent on the planet; where Art, Music, Architecture, Philosophers,  History of Roman Empire and Athens are the soul things in Europe, which people like the most.

In Europe, Mountains, Beaches, Forest, Wildlife, Cultural Festivals and Ancient History are the centre of attraction and fascination for the people across the globe. Coastal cities Venice, Monte Carlo, Cannes, Athens, Amsterdam and Madrid are the travel destination which you can’t miss.

One of the difficult tasks to number the top destination selection whereas whole Europe is a tourist destination. There are 44 countries in Europe according to UN whereas selecting 10 destination is quite difficult. There is a single VISA for all countries to visit. So it doesn’t matter which country do you want to visit. You have to take a single Europe Visa; EURO currency is acceptable across the European continent. Tourist visa is validated for 90 days and that’s more than enough to travel across 44 countries. 


10 Best Places in Europe are… And the 10th is the Czech Republic

1. Norway:

One of the safest countries in the world and the most beautiful places in Europe, rich lifestyle and full of friendly people who support women empowerment. It is well known for its cultural tolerance and fraternity; where most of the people belong to Christianity. 

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Fjords around Norway make this country more beautiful and attractive. You will be surprised that most of the people know the English language. Rich lifestyle of Norwegian make this country more expensive and luxurious. 

Norway is located in the northern part of Europe in the Barents Sea and Norwegian sea. Neighbourhood countries are Sweden, Finland, Russia and Denmark in the south. Also, the Capital city of Norway holds the most of the population and lavish lifestyle. Tiny beautiful house with different colours, Fjords Cruise Ride, Climbing to Rocky Mountains, Surrounding landscape, Restaurant in the Silent Sea with beautiful Green Mountains, Atlantic Highway Sawing off High rise waves seems very charismatic to see and to live. It’s like we find the perfect destiny of life. This travel blog is curated in the context of “Best Places in Europe are… And the 10th is the Czech Republic”.

Norway-Stunning and Fascinating


Weather of Norway: 

Western Norway has a marine climate, with comparatively cool summers, mild winters, and nearly 90 inches (2,250 mm) of mean annual precipitation. Eastern Norway, sheltered by the mountains, has an inland climate with warm summers, cold winters, and less than 30 inches (760 mm) of mean annual precipitation.

Average temperature is 5º  C. Normally it varies from -15 to +15º  C. Normal Temperature is 10º F to 70ºF

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Best Time to visit Norway: April to August; Estimated Temperature is 5º C To 20º degree.

Budget: $2500-$3500 (200000 INR) including 5-star hotel stay for 5 Nights 6 Days.

Must-Try the Best Delicious Food in Norway:

Farikal, Klippfisk, Sheep Meat, Fish and Whale meat food items are the most famous in Norway.

Traditional Dishes Are;

  • Lefse – Traditional Flatbreads for Christmas & Holidays
  • Kumla – Tender Potato Dumplings
  • Lutefisk – Gelatinous Fish Dish
  • Whale Steak – Famous Junk-Food Dish from Whale Meat
  • Pickled Herring – Ancient Viking-style Pickle
  • Krumkake – Common Sweet Dessert Dish
  • Fårikål – National Dish of Norway

Few Recommended Hotels: Juvet Landscape, Radisson Blue Plaza, Hotel Grand Oslo.


Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Norway:

  • Oslo City:  Visit for Museum, Opera House, Palace, Oslo fjords and Riverside Parks and Water Sport Rides.
  • Alesund- Mainly known for likely Art Nouveau Center, Town Park, Alesund Harbor, Atlantic Sea Park. Other beautiful tourist destinations are Bird Island and Night Skies in the modern town Alesund.
  • Tromso City- Socking Midnight Sun, Colourful Northern Lights, Whale Safari, Arctic cathedral, Science Center.
  • Spitsbergen- Known for Global Seed Vault to conserve seed from the whole Planet and almost every Species and trees. It requires a special permit to visit this island, almost impossible to get Pass.
  • Lofoten Island- Hauckland Beach, Trollfjods, Reine Village, Ferry Ride across Mountains Fjords.
  • Western Fjords- One of the best place to visit in Norway with Cruise Ride, Trollstigen Road around Mountains, Tracks and Waterfalls.
  • Stavanger and Bergen- One of the isolated places surrounding beautiful mountains with beautiful Waterfalls.
  • National Parks/ Hiking Spots- Norway has something special for “Nature Lover” and “Mountains Trackers”. The country owns unique and rare species of wildlife across the planet.

2. Denmark: Happiest and Safest Country

 Denmark is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and the most beautiful places in Europe. It is small, compact, and a very convenient country to visit. This amazing Nordic country is known for its sturdy engineering, architecture, food, fashion, art galleries & museums, castles & palaces, and truly world-class cities

This country holds itself a compact package for a glimpse of the cool Scandinavian way of life for someday for pure relaxation and completely new culture. Denmark is also notable tagline of “happiest and safest country” to live. Danish people live a quality life. They are humble, lovable, environment-friendly and most important they are “Nature Lover”. You will find people using bicycles for transportation usually in the street of Copenhagen. Denmark has its own currency called “Danish Krone”

Denmark: Happiest and Safest Country

Weather: It varies from -5ºC to 27ºC throughout the year. Whereas January is coldest month and July is the hottest season.

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Best Time to Visit: May to September is the time where you can enjoy the most. Make sure you can have an extra layer of cloth if you are planning from European Countries.

Budget: US $2500 is more than enough to travel across Denmark for 5 Nights 6 Days including 5-star hotel and food.


Denmark is also very well known and globally famous for its food and dishes.

  • Aebleflæsk
  • Stent Flæsk Med Persillesovs Og Kartoffler
  • Krebinetter
  • Hønsekødssuppe
  • Frikadeller
  • Rye bread
  • Red sausage
  • Medisterpølse
  • Smørrebrød
  • Flæskesteg

Danish Pastries And Desserts:

  • Danish Wiener bread (Wienerbrød)
  • Æbleskiver
  • Fastelavnsboller
  • Coconut Tops
  • Cinnamon rolls (Kanelsnegle)

You can try some more delicious and tasty dishes which are Water edge Restaurants Whale Meat, Pig Meals and Local stuff in Stroget street (Copenhagen).

Hotels: Harmen K, Crown Plaza by Marriot, Sanders are some good choices to be there in Copenhagen.


Top Places to Visit in Denmark:

  • Copenhagen: Capital city holds almost top Museums, Art Gallery, Unique Restaurant’s Cafés, and Floating Boat Ride across the city which you can’t miss if you travel to Copenhagen. 
  • Aarhus: Here Rainbow Panorama Passageway, Harbour, Landscape Parks, Garden Museum will attract you the most.
  • Skagen: Sandbar and Bird Center of Denmark are mesmerizing, Sand covered Church and Vippefyret near cost line.
  • Odense: Odense is named after the Norse God of war, wisdom, and poetry, Odin. This culture-rich town is also the birthplace of that most famous Dane and teller of fairy tales, Hans Christian Andersen. Land and Castle city of Denmark where Egeskov Castle, Bunker Museum, Town Hall, Mose Park and Zoo are magnificent.
  • Beer Testing Museum: Have you heard the popular beer brand “Carlsberg”? Yeah, this Danish Brand is own by Denmark itself. They have the Beer Museum and the historic journey of the company. You can taste the actual beer and that’s popular business of Danish people and they store wine for long years. This travel blog is curated in the context of “Best Places in Europe are… And the 10th is the Czech Republic”.

Denmark: Happiest and Safest Country

Other Beautiful Crazy Places to Visit in Denmark are;

  • Gilleleje
  • Elsinore
  • Roskilde
  • Bornholm
  • Møns Klint Biosphere
  • The Fur Island
  • Søhøjlandet – The Lake Highlands
  • Jammerbugten – The Bay Denmark

3. Italy- Pieceful & Tolerant Place:

This Ancient city and the most beautiful places in Europe is holding the culture and heritage values with magnificent sceneries. Italy is all about the world-famous association with the Roman era and the iconic renaissance period. Exploring Coliseum in Rome, Treasures of Florence and Naples are all-time favourites for visitors. Not just ancient, but stunning beaches, exciting water sports, wildlife sanctuaries, outdoor activities and waterside taverns are the attractive destinations for the travellers. Best cities in Italy are Positano, Manarola, Lecce and Portofino for the offbeat location to enjoy.

There are Roman ruins, Italian cities are legendary and the villages are equally stunning. It is dotted with picturesque lakes. Also, Italy’s a treasure trove of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Art and culture of Italy is matchless. You must not miss the dazzling Italian Islands and lip-smacking Italian food.

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Weather: Normal temperature are from 8ºC to 26ºC. 

Best Time to Visit: April to June is the best time to visit due to rich colours.


Budget: $3000 (215000 INR) for 7 Nights 8 Days including 5-star hotel. 


  • Ossobuco
  • Risotto
  • Ribollita
  • Fiorentina Steak
  • Lasagna
  • Pizza
  • Tiramisu
  • Italian Coffee, 
  • Ravioli

Hotels: Ergife Hotel, Rimini, Condotti, Campo de  Fieori, Artemid and Rosa salva.

Top Places to Visit in Italy:

  • Venice: Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, Doge’d Palace, Basilica Di San Marco, Piazza San Marco and Gallerie Dell’ Accademia.
  • Rome: The Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine, Vatican City, Pantheon, Roman Forum and Palatine hill.
  • Milan: Cathedral, Vittorio Emanuele, Opera teatro, Castello Sforzesco, Piazza De Duomo.
  • Florence: Piazza della Repubblica, Cathedral of santa Maria del Fiore, Uffizi Gallery and san Lorenzo.
  • Amalfi: Amalfi Coast Beaches, Villa Rufolo, Sorrento Town Tour, Praiano View Water Sports and Boat Ride.
  • Manarola: Cinque Terre National Park, the way of love in pedestrian path overlooking the Sea with a length of just over one kilometre; linking the village of Riomaggiore and Manarola.

Other Beautiful Places Are;

  • Tuscan Hill Towns
  • Lake Como
  • Amalfi Coast and Capri
  • The Cinque Terre
  • Naples
  • Sardinia

4. Switzerland – The Heaven on Earth:

Most beautiful and loved country in the world which is entitled to “the heaven of the earth” and the most beautiful places in Europe. Dreamland of Europe, recognized by world tourism forum which maintains its nature, environment, heritage site, lovely lush green/white mountains and wildlife from the centuries. In the Alps Mountains, this beautiful country holds its place in everyone’s heart. Swiss cuisine, Swiss chocolate, Luxury lifestyle and top luxury watch brands, Lakes, wildlife, beautiful Mountains and Countryside Villages and their lifestyle CAN NOT BE EXPRESSED IN WORDS. This Country has made one of the friendly cultures helps to get status of unique destination across the globe. This travel blog is curated in the context of “Best Places in Europe are… And the 10th is the Czech Republic”.

Switzerland – The Heaven on Earth:

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Weather: Usually in winter temperature goes to -5º where in summer it goes to 25º. 


Best Time to Visit: Summer is the time where you can enjoy the most and less crowded.

Budget: One of the expensive countries it’s better to keep your pocket high at least $4000 USD.

Food- Cheese Fondue, Rosti, Braised Beef, Veal and Mushroom, Cheese, Tartiflette

Chocolate and bakery product. 

Hotels: The chedi Anddermtt, Burgenstock, Whitepod hotel, Luzern, Ascher. 

Top Places to Visit in Switzerland:

  • Zurich: Old Town, Uetliberg, Lake Zurich, Bahnhof, Townhall Street and St. Peter’s Church.
  • Geneva: Lake Geneva, Water jet, English Garden, Botanical Park, Palais de nations, old architecture building and heritage site.
  • Wengen: Jungfraujoch Peak, Schilthorn Gloria, Kleine Pass, Schynige Train journey with countryside farms, Thun Town, Paragliding over Swiss Alps.
  • Locarno: Verzasca Dam, Piazza Grande, Townhall and lake kayak ride.
  • Engleberg: Engleberg Abbey, Titlis Mount, Glacier cave, Snowboard, ski is main attraction 
  • The Rhine Falls
  • Lake Geneva
  • Lake Lugano and Ticino
  • Matterhorn, Zermatt
  • Chateau de Chillon, Montreux
  • The Jungfrau Region
  • Swiss National Park, Zernez
  • Lake Geneva and surrounding cities
  • Lugano
  • Bern
  • Lucerne
  • The Rhine Falls

5. Monaco:

World’s Richest country or you can say multi-billionaires’ home. Also, Monaco is the world’s smallest country can be reach from one end to the other end by just walking. You will be surprised to know the people of Monaco. They have Vintage Car Collection, world’s most beautiful Casino, Bay sidewalk, Museum, Stunning F1 Race Track, Water Sports, Cruise Ride, Marina and Monte Carlo Casino. And these are the things which can change your mindset about travel and Super Luxury.

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Best Places in Europe Monaco
Monaco-World’s Smallest and Richest Country

Weather: This European country has a normal temperature from 5 degrees to 25 maximums in summer.

Best Time to Visit: May to August 

Budget: Due to elite lifestyle, highly rated restaurants and hotels make sure your budget should be at least $3000+.

Food: Food is costly here Potato Puff, Fish Stew, Stuffed Pork Meat, Pastries, Roosted Sandwich.

Hotels: Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo, Hotel MC Bay, Le meridian, Port Palace. 

Top Places to visit in Monaco:

Monte Carlo is the only city which is world known heritage palace. Casino, Bar, Restaurant and the lifestyle is only for the ultra-rich people. The native population is the least across the world. The natural location of Monaco is indeed impressive. It is also great for photographers. The historical buildings and the ports shine with bright colourful lights. 

  • Monte Carlo Casino
  • Monaco-Ville (Le Rocher)
  • Monte Carlo Harbor
  • Monaco Grand Prix
  • Jardin Exotique
  • Larvotto Beach
  • Port de Fontvieille

6. France-Defined the Idea of Liberty, Equality and Justice to the World:

This beautiful country is known for long wine country, stunning coastline beaches, dense forests, castles and yeah the symbol of love “Eiffel Tower” is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Paris is the biggest city in France where most of the people live. Paris is a place in which we can forget ourselves, reinvent, expunge the dead weight of our past. 

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Symbol of Love, Fashion City, the World’s favourite city where nearly 50 Million international Travelers arrival every year. Paris is the biggest city in France as well as in Europe too. This beautiful city is known for “Eiffel Tower”; one of the 7th Wonder in the world, and highest tower ever built by France. The city is known for its design and Fashion. World #3 richest man “Bernard Arnoult” archives the tagline of “Fashion Legendary”. 

France-Defined the Idea of Liberty, Equality and Justice to the World:

Weather:  Minimum 3º to 22º degree temperature where January is the coldest month. 

Best Time to Visit France: August to September 

Budget: $3500-$4000 for 7 Nights 8 Days (330000 INR) including 5star Hotels.


Food: Duck confit, French Onion Soup, Cassoulet, Beef Bourgin are good to have.

Other Delicious Dishes are:

  • French cheese
  • Oysters
  • Falafel
  • Couscous
  • Steak Frites
  • Chocolates
  • Salted butter caramels

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Hotels: Le Pigonnet, Rosewood, Plaza Athenee, Shangri-La, Du-Palais Royal

Top Places to Visit in France:

Paris- Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees and Les Grands Magasins.

Lyon- Quartier old town, Gallo- Romaine, Presqu’ile District, Saint Jean Baptiste.

Nice- Beach city offer Promenade Des Anglaise, Duke of Connaught, Villa Massena and Beach Annecy- Cruise on lake Annecy, Amours bridge, Semnoz road, La Tourette mountain track.


Other Fascinating Places Are;

  • The Charming Countryside of Provence
  •  The Côte d’Azur
  • Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy
  • The Châteaux of the Loire Valley
  • Reims & its Magnificent Gothic Cathedral
  • Fishing Villages, Historic Ports & Beaches in Brittany
  • Biarritz & Saint-Jean-de-Luz
  • Joan of Arc Monuments in Chinon, Rouen & Orléans
  • The Alsace Region
  • Mont-Blanc & Annecy in the French Alps
  • The French Alps and the Pyrenees
  • Corsica – Scale The French Mountains
  • Provence – A Cozy Paradise
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Royal Palace of France Louvre museum
  • Musee D’Orsay 
  • Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy island

7. Greece:

In the cost of Demitarian sea, known as the birthplace of democracy; Greece is the hub of artists, famous philosophers, and scientists. It holds the credibility of the creation of the Olympic Games and commonly known for its unique and historical architecture. This travel blog is curated in the context of “Best Places in Europe are… And the 10th is the Czech Republic”.

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Some examples are “the Acropolis in Athens, the Sanctuary of Delphi, and the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus”. This small country produces almost 7% of world marble and access can be seen in Greek Santorini Beach and volcanic viewpoint.  

Overlooking the villages of Kalambaka and Kastraki in the north-central mainland of Greece. 

Greece Best Places in Europe are... And the 10th is the Czech Republic
Greece-Birthplace of Democracy

Weather: Normal temperature varies from 9º to 20º degree.

Best Time to Visit Greece: April to mid-June is the best time to visit.

Budget: Keep $3000 for an average tour of 7 Nights and 8 Days days including 5-star hotel and food.

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Food:  Dolmades, Grilled meat, Fish, Baklava are famous and recommendable.

Hotels: Cave Olympic, Royal Olympic, Alexandrea, Oia Santorini can be the best place to stay. 


Top Places to Visit in Greece:

Athens: Historic Acropolis, Museum, National Archeology Museum, Agora, Plaka street, Roman historic Palace, Olympian temple.

Patras: Cathedral of Saint Andrew, Museum of Patras, Patras Castle and Rion-Antirion Larisaa- Open Ancient Theatre, Kalipso waterfall, mill of Pappas 

Oia/Santorini: Fira Whitewash Houses in the Rocky Coastline, Caldera Hill Ride, Red Beach, Pyrgos and most stunning Ammoudi Bay with clear crystal coastal line.

Other Exciting and Beautiful Places Are;

  • Hersonissos
  • Rethymnon
  • Mykonos Town
  • Tsilivi
  • Apokoronas
  • Meteora
  • Crete
  • Corfu
  • Sifnos
  • Therasia
  • Patmos
  • Nisyros
  • Zagori
  • Kefalonia
  • Cape Sounion

8. Portugal:

Portugal is famous for Beaches, Food and Cristiano Ronaldo; a Legend of Football. It is not only popular for the football game but it’s the most stunning tourist destinations in Europe. 

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Destination Portugal has it all: Historic Cities, World-Renowned Cuisine, Natural Landscapes, and Spectacular Beaches. Trace the various civilizations that have crossed Portugal in the castles, palaces, and narrow cobbled streets typical around the country.


Here, most of the people speak Portuguese and Spanish language. Country has Fascinating Beaches History, Landscape, Culture and Vibrant Cities like- Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Evora. This travel blog is curated in the context of “Best Places in Europe are… And the 10th is the Czech Republic”.


Weather: Normal Temperature lies from 12º to 25ºC. 

Best Time to Visit Portugal: September to November is the time you can enjoy most.

Budget: It’s little bit cost-effective as compared to France. $ 2000 is good to stay for 5 Nights 6 Days in 5-star hotel.

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Food: Grilled Sardine Fish, Bras, Codfish, Seafood Dishes and Sandwich from Porto city.

Hotels: Anantara Vilamoura, Palacio Belmonte, Monte da Fornalha can be some good choices.

Top Places to visit in Portugal:

  • Lisbon: Typical Tram Ride, Sao Jorge Castle, Tejo Estuary Fort, Pastel De Nata Cake and Bakery Items and Carcavelos Beach.
  • Porto-Porto Tower, Bridge, River Douro Caffe and Boating, Igreja Do Carmo, music house and Art Museum.
  • Coimbra: Old University, Santa Cruz Church, Mondego River Cruise, Walking across the street and wall side.
  • Braga: One of the top churches in Europe Bom Jesus do Monte, Braga Cathedral, Peneda Geres Park, Waterfall and Mountains.

Other Tremendous and Beautiful Places Are;

  • Madeira
  • Ericeira
  • Algarve
  • Serra da Estrela
  • São Miguel

9. Netherland:

World-Renowned Museums, Historical Monuments, Countless Gorgeous Canals and a Vibrant Nightlife; Pretty Charming Towns and Villages, Islands, very cool and Modern Architecture, unlike anything you’ve ever seen; Cube Houses, the very new Markthal and the iconic Erasmus Bridge can really win anyone’s heart. The happiest and healthy country in Europe. 

People from Rome, Spain, France, Holland, and German lives here back to the Roman Era. That’s why Netherland is a diversified country across Europe and Amsterdam. Rotterdam are popular city and most of the population lives here. Most of the people use the bicycle as primary transportation. Charming Windmills and Beaches are popular and sweet spots for the international tourists. Modern city Rotterdam has skyrise buildings and modern architecture.    This travel blog is curated in the context of “Best Places in Europe are… And the 10th is the Czech Republic”.

Best Places in Europe are... And the 10th is the Czech Republic
Stunning and Fascinating -Netherland


Weather: Cold country as compare to Portugal here in winter temperature goes to 1º-2 º whereas in summer temperature lies between 10-20 degree Celsius.

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Best Time to Visit Netherland: April to October. 

Budget:  $2500 is suitable for average tour for 7 Nights 8 Days. 


  • Texel lamb
  • North Sea cod
  • Limburg asparagus
  • Erwtensoep (pea soup) 
  • Zeeland mussels
  • Haring (herring) 
  • Hutspot (hotchpotch)
  • Rijsttafel
  • Bitterballen
  • Herring
  • Colourful Cakes and Pastries

Hotels: Grand Karel V, Hilton Royal Parc, Novotel, Lloyd, level are good to stay.

Top Places to Visit in Netherland:

  • Amsterdam: Dam square Palace, Street Music Bands, WW Museum House, I love Amsterdam- the Rijksmuseum, Royal Palace, Botanical Zoo and Park, Boat Ride Across Town.
  • Rotterdam: The Markthal market place, Euromast tower, Erasmus bridge, central station, Boat Ride in harbour Line.
  • Utrecht: Giethoorn or you can say “Venice of the Netherland, De Hoge Veluwe National Park, Delft, Texel island, Windmills of Kinderdijk, Lisse Field.
  • The Hague: knights Hall and Court, Gemeente Museum Den Haag, and Peace Palace.

Some Other Beautiful Places Are: 

  • Bourtange
  • Delft
  • Rotterdam
  • The Hague
  • Maastricht
  • Edam
  • Eindhoven
  • Leiden
  • Utrecht
  • Giethoorn
  • Leeuwarden
  • Haarlem
  • Groningen
  • Middelburg
  • Volendam
  • Kinderdijk
  • Thorn
  • Alkmaar
  • Breda
  • Gouda
  • Arnhem
  • Texel

10. Czech Republic:

Europe’s landlocked country, recognized as the Heart of Europe; which is the best for the countryside farm and landscape greenery across the road and castles all over the Czech. Country owns popular beer brand “Budweiser”. Deep caves, Culture, Art and Music, Spa Centres, Hiking Tracks, Royal Kingdom Palace, World Heritage Sites, Mountains, happy and breathtaking kind-hearted people are just mind-blowing.


Rafting ranks as our top activity to do there! Český Krumlov has charming surroundings and it is a very romantic place to visit!! With all these castles, historical architecture, and the quiet countryside, the Czech Republic will steal your heart!. This travel blog is curated in the context of “Best Places in Europe are… And the 10th is the Czech Republic”.

Best Places in Europe are... And the 10th is the Czech Republic
Czech Republic

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Weather: Due to high mountains, temperature goes from -10º to -5ºC and sometimes heavy snowfall also happens. In summer temperature goes up to 20ºC.

Best Time to Visit: May- September 

Budget: $4000 is good to have for 7 Nights 8Days including 5 Star Hotels

Food: Ham Hock, Steak Tartare, Potato Pancake, Koleno, Bramboraky, Zelo and meat.

Hotels: Four seasons, New castle Ratbor, Chateau Hostacov, Park inn and Czech inn


Top Places to Visit in the Czech Republic:

  • Prague- Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Old Town, St. Vitus, Cathedral Church and Astronomical Clock.
  • Brno- St. Peter and Poul cathedral, Brno city Museum, Caves, Veveri Castle, Old Town Hall and Zoo.
  • Cesky Krumlov- Cesky Krumlov Castle, The St. Vitus church, The Minorite Monastery, Mountklet track, Wax Museum.
  • Ostrava- Dolni Vitkovice, Zoo Ostrava, Viewing Tower, Landek Park Museum, Ostravice River.

Other Beautiful Places Are;

  • Moravian Karst
  • Telc
  • Castle Karlstejn
  • Kutna Hora
  • Plzen

This travel blog is curated in the context of “Best Places in Europe are… And the 10th is the Czech Republic”.

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