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7 Best Travel Places in Italy

by Sachindra Vikram Singh
7 Best Travel Places in Italy

7 Best Travel Places in Italy

About Italy:

It is one of the fascinating countries on the planet with the rare beauty, in the South Central of Europe over the Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea. On its other side, the Tyrrhenian Sea is located. Geographically Italy has the shape like a Boot. It is a Tiger in term of trade, tourism, health, education and agriculture. Ancient Roman era, the Vatican City, Leaning Tower of Pisa, romantic Venice Islands, Red Dome Florence make this country more prosperous and blissful. It is always on the priority to-do list in every traveller’s travel diary. 

Economically, Italy owns some of the richest and the most luxurious brands in fashion and automobile industry. The brands like Valentino, Versace, Prada, Armani, D&G, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Fiat are the invention of Italy. Italians build the supreme and the vibrant market for the rest of the world and indicate the societies that they are splendid by birth and work. They are a royal blooded human being who are generous, prosperous, creative and inventors. 

Interesting Facts About Italy:

  1. Italy has the highest UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world.
  2. The famous legendaries such as Pope Francis Bishop of Rome, Christopher Columbus, Leonardo Da Vinci and John Cabot are from Italy.
  3. The largest producer of wine and even Caldari the Fontana Fountain of wine, open for 24/7 and utterly free for wine lover.
  4. Pasta and Pizza is the invention of Italy.
  5. Over 50 million tourists visit every year — the tourism industry contribution nearly 60% of Italy’s national income.

1.Venice- Romantic Capital of Europe:

Venice is the “Queen” of the Mediterranean Sea, altogether island city in Italy. It is built in the Roman times over more than 120 small islands with wooden planks. It is the historic town in the heart of Italy and “car-free city” which helps to recognize as an eco-friendly movement. Meandering canals connect every place across Venice. Island city has captative recognition as “a perfect honeymoon destination”. This Italian city holds historic architecture, diverse museums and bridges.

7 Best Travel Places in Italy
Venice- Romantic Capital of Europe

Recommended Time to Visit:

The best and peak time to visit Italy is from April- June for sightseeing, whereas September to November is less crowded. The autumn season liked by most of the South Asian tourist.


The ideal budget is $3000 for four nights and five days, including a 5-star hotel stay. 

How to Reach in Heavenly City:

Air-Marco Polo Airport is the largest airport in Italy. It has a footfall of 14 million passengers yearly. After entering the city, the inter-state super Train connectivity is available across Europe. Daily Bus connectivity from Munich, Zurich and Paris is there via Road. Interstate bus transportation services are also available.

Sea: The best way to come from the Ligurian Sea to Nice city is, via Cruise.  

Must Visiting PlacesFine-Dine RestaurantBest Hotel
Rialto BridgeLocanda CiprianiThe Gritti Palace
Saint mark’s BasilicaLa ZuccaHotel Sant’ Antonin
St. Mark’s SquareLa PalancaLondra Palace
Doge’s PalaceRistorante QuadriStarwood Hotel & Resorts
Grand CanalAl CovoAman Venice
Jewish Museum Osteria BoccadoroSan Clemente Palace
MuranoTerrazza DanieliBaglioni Hotel Luna

2. Milan- Leonardo Da Vinci’s City:

It is known as a centre of fashion, massive urbanization city being the cold Lombard capital. People from all over the country are settled here and living their life happily. You can be the eyewitness of opulent historical Palaces, Architecture, breathtaking Duomo di Milano in the city Centre, colossal Gothic Cathedral.

It is a home for the most luxurious brands like Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Armani, Valentino, Prada and D&G. Milan is the heart of Italy; meanwhile, aesthetic appeal lies in the historic centre. You will see the upscale cafes, classical restaurants, landmark palaces, Roman arts and history of Roman Era in the Wall of Milan everywhere.

7 Best Travel Places in Italy
Milan- Leonardo Da Vinci’s City

Best Time to Visit:

April to May or Mid-September to Early November.    


For four nights and five days if you have a budget of $3000, then you can have a comfortable journey and 5-Star accommodation. 

How to Reach:

In the city of Leonardo Da Vinci, the connectivities are Malpensa International Airport, Euro Train across Europe, connectivity of Bus from Switzerland, Germany and France daily.  

Must Visiting PlacesFine-Dine RestaurantBest Hotel
Duomo di Milano cathedralCracco Excelsior Gallia
Sforzesco CastleOsteria Di BreraFour Season Milan
Galleria Vittoria Emanuele IIGianninoArmani Milano
The Last Supper- Leonardo Da VinciNapiz MilanoPark Hyatt Milan
Alla ScalaDongioPrincipe Di Savoia
Navigli LombardiTrattoria TrippaCarlton Baglioni
Milan Central Railway stationGalleria restaurantThe Westin Milan

3. Rome- Empire State of Ancient Roman Era:

It is known as the ritual home of God, the Supreme Pontiff of Cathedral capital of the Italian Republic and Roman Empire as well as Caput Mundi (Capital of the World). The ancient empire whose armies and polity defined the western world in antiquity and indelible imprints, spiritual roman catholic church and Pinnacles of artistic achievement. The independent Vatican city is also known as the smallest country in the world with just 1000 population.

The annual temperature is 20°C (68°F) in the day and 10°C (50°F) in the night. It is accomplished with many titles such as, “most visiting places in the world rank, immensity and artistic treasures, charming unique tradition, Vatican museum, Muise Capitolini and Galleria Borghese”. All these captivating things will mesmerise you and will make you fall in love with Rome. 

7 Best Travel Places in Italy
Rome- Empire State of Ancient Roman Era

Best Time to Visit:

The most favourable and ideal time to visit Rome is from September to November.

Budget- $2500 is good to go for four nights and five days for 5-star accommodation and comfortable travel.

How to reach the Roman Empire:

It is well connected with Flight, Bus, Cruise and Train. 

Must Visiting PlacesFine-Dine RestaurantBest Hotel
Colosseum- Ancient Roman gladiatorial arena Capasso VineriaHassler Roma
Roman ForumBosco- Del TartufoRome Cavalieri
Basilica DI Santa Maria MaggioreAltroveBaglioni Regina
Vatican BarredDe Russie
PantheonBistrot64Palazzo Manfredi
Piazza NavonaImago- Hassler RomaThe Westin Excelsior 
Museo Nazionale DI castle MercerieThe St. Regis Rome

4. Florence- Red Hood Capital of Italy:

Florence is one of the wealthiest cities of medieval Europe and the birthplace of the Renaissance. It is the Athens of the middle ages and listed in the UNESCO heritage city. Florence is known for its culture, art, ancient era, monuments and the home of all-time world’s famous artists, painters and innovators Leonardo Da Vinci.

Masterpieces of renaissance architecture, art gallery and museum are the representation of the ancient era still in the 21st century. Old bridges over spanning Arno river make you love Red City Florence. Unique jewellery shops, Boboli garden tour and cathedral in the entire city shows the royalty, prosperity and development of the town.

7 Best Travel Places in Italy
Florence- Red Hood Capital of Italy

Best Time to Visit: 

We would suggest you go to the festival season from May to September. It is the best time to visit and have lifetime memories. 


$1500 for three days and four nights in a 5-star hotel is good to go with.

How to Reach Red Dom City Florence:

You will get all modes of transportation as it has super connectivity across Italy and Europe, except Cruise Ride. 

Must Visiting PlacesFine-Dine RestaurantBest Hotel
Santa Maria Del Fiore CathedralTrattoria MarioThe Westin Excelsior
Ponte Vecchio- Stone BridgeSandwi ChicLungarno Hotel
Vecchio PalaceLa GiostraVille Sull Arno
Giotto’s CampanileParioneSt. Regis Florence 
Baptistery of St. JohnDitta ArtigianaleHotel Savoy
Dell Accademia Gallery II PalagioPortrait Firenze
Michelangelo PiazzaleLa Cappelle enotecaSina Villa 

5. Amalfi- Prominent Coastal City of Europe: 

It is the most prominent coastal city in entire Italy. The mountainous coast city between Naples and Salerno will make you live there for the rest of life. This city is charming and calm in the silence of the mountains and colourful tiny homes in the small cost valley. Breathtaking blue seawater in the daylight from mountain villa is the most favourite and lovable for all. Amalfi Cathedral is covered in opulent striped stonework structure. The actual village life of Italy near Amalfi offers merely is fantastic. It is full of with simple and relaxing, scenic view, bask in the gorgeous sun, green mountain village and emerald Cave. 

Amalfi- Prominent Coastal City of Europe
Amalfi- Prominent Coastal City of Europe

Best Time to Visit: 

Mid-April to October is one of the best times to visit 


If $2500 is in your account, then you can travel and accommodate well for three nights and four days in 5-star hotels or resorts.

How to Reach Europe Amalfi:

The coastal city near Naples has excellent connectivity of Sea and Roads. 

Must Visiting PlacesFine-Dine RestaurantBest Hotel
Amalfi Coast- Sorrentine VillageDa Maria Palazzo Avino
Sorrento town beachZass II San Pietro PositanoCimbrone Villa- Ravello
Villa Rufolo Garden Rossellini’s Palazzo Avino in RavelloSanta Caterina Hotel
Grotta Dello CaveL’AbsideBelmond Hotel Caruso- Ravello
Salerno town La CapanninaConvento di Amalfi 
Valle Delle Ferriere- WaterfallMarina Grande PLe Sirenuse- Positano
Furore Di Fiordo Pizzeria Donna StellaMonastero Santa Rosa- Conca Dei Marini 

6. Portofino- Celeb’s Luxury Vacation Point in Italy: 

Flashy Harbor town and second home of celebrities including Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Tom Holland, Beyoncé & Jayz, Harrison Ford, Mariah Carey, David Beckham, Priyanka Chopra, Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. Rich and famous picturesque is surrounded by luxury yachts in the bright blue seaside. Portofino is the part of Italian Riviera known as the Riviera Del Ponente which is stretched by the coast near France. Hills are covered with greenhouses with growing flowers and basils, which can win anyone’s heart.

Portofino- Celeb’s Luxury Vacation Point in Italy
Portofino- Celeb’s Luxury Vacation Point in Italy

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Portofino is in the summer season from April to September. 


$2500 for four nights and five days will be fair enough for your trip, including 5-star resort stay and water sports.

How to Reach Celeb’s Luxury Portofino:

Easily assessable from all routes but we would recommend you to reach via Luxury Yacht if your pocket is loaded with Euros. You will get lifetime exposure, joy and happiness.

Must Visiting PlacesFine-Dine RestaurantBest Hotel
Marinade Portofino Ristorante Lo StellaVilla 1900
Christ of the AbyssBelmond More Belmond Splendido
Castello Brown Antonio RistoranteEight Hotel Portofino
Parco Naturale Regionale di PortofinoLa TerrazaHotel Continental 
La Cervara Abbey and Monastery Puny PortofinoExcelsior Palace Hotel
San Fruttuoso abbeyRestaurant Da I Gemelli PortofinoLHP- Santa Margherita Palace & spa
The Street of PortofinoTripoli PortofinoMetropole

7. Pisa- Symbolic City of Italy:

A small mistake from the Architects makes Pisa a legend city and the eye-catching destination for the world. Leaning Tower of Pisa Gateway to Tuscany region is the most beautiful tourist attractions in the entire Europe. Almost 1 million visitors come to see free-standing Bell Tower. Tilt structure of tower leaned for roughly 5.5 degrees and took two-century to build. It was used as a military base in World-War II. Leaning Bell Tower is part of Grander Cathedral and Baptistery of Pisa and is also known for its magnificent architecture.

The accidental creation which put the foundation of Leaning Tower, causes it to be a Symbol of historic Italy. 

Pisa- Symbolic City of Italy
Pisa- Symbolic City of Italy

Best Time to Visit:

From April-October is the best time to plan your trip for Pisa.


$2000 is good to go for three days tour including stay, food, fees and heritage kayak ride.

How to Reach Symbolic Pisa:

River Cruise from Florence is one of the best Route. Other connectivities are also available. So, you need not worry about the transportation facility. 

Must Visiting PlacesFine-Dine RestaurantBest Hotel
Leaning Tower of PisaRistorante INDIAB & B II Giardino Dei Semplici
Cathedral Di PisaRistorante Alle BandierineVilla Gini
Campo SantoGusto al 129Grand Hotel Principe Di Piemonte 
Knights squareNamaste India San BernardoPrincipe Forte Dei Marmi
National Park Migliarino San RossoreI Porci ComodiHotel Byron 
Basilica Romanica di San Piero a GradoRistorante Pisa Trattoria IIDuomo Hotel
City Walls Pizzeria Le MuraRelais I Miracoli

Traveller’s Love with Italy & Closing Keynote:

This Ancient city and the most beautiful places in Europe is holding the culture and heritage values with magnificent sceneries. Italy is all about the world-famous association with the Roman era and the iconic renaissance period. Italy is the most loveable country in Europe. People from the entire world come to Vatican City. Colosseum- Ancient Roman gladiatorial arena and glory of Leaning Tower of Pisa are the most captivating destinations.

Exploring Coliseum in Rome, Treasures of Florence and Naples are all-time favourites for visitors. Not just ancient, but stunning beaches, exciting water sports, wildlife sanctuaries, outdoor activities and waterside taverns are the attractive destinations for the travellers. Best cities in Italy are Positano, Manarola, Lecce and Portofino for the unique location to enjoy.

There are Roman ruins, Italian cities are legendary, and the villages are equally stunning. It is dotted with picturesque lakes. Also, Italy’s a treasure trove of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Art and culture of Italy is matchless. You must not miss the dazzling Italian Islands and lip-smacking Italian food. Famous composer, Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi Quotes “You May Have The Universe If I May Have Italy”.

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