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Mcleodganj, Dalhousie & Khajjiar-The Untold Story of Sugandha Bansal-YTS

by Sachindra Vikram Singh
Mcleodganj, Dalhousie & Khajjiar-The Untold Story of Sugandha Bansal- YTS

Mcleodganj, Dalhousie & Khajjiar-The Untold Story of Sugandha BansalYTS

Do what you like the most, live the way you want to live and go where you feel most alive. I feel most alive, engrossing and captivating when I am with myself with lovely nature. I like lakes, snow, and mountains the most because they make me feel, what I is relevant for me. They help me in sorting the most important and necessary things in life. 

The one who can walk and live few beautiful moments of their lives in this paradise, can laugh at all the tragedies- that can be real or imaginary; can take a break from technologies or from social media detoxes, only they can live their life by knowing the essence of it. 

So, whenever mountains call me, I go with my best friend. For us, it does not only helps to be grounded and close to the beautiful and magnetize with nature but also gives a great balance from hustle and bustle life or when it is a time for detox. We always plan for hiking or drive somewhere, sit near the peaceful waterfall between the mountains; rent a small hut or wooden house, spend all day reading and writing with a cup of coffee. We talk for long and it is blissful, ecstatic and rapturous. Mountains will sometimes invite you, sometimes tolerate you and sometimes will ask you ruthlessly to go home. These 3 heavenly places are the perfect example of the spectacular beauty of God’s gift. 

Mcleodganj, Dalhousie & Khajjiar-The Untold Story of Sugandha Bansal-YTS
Beautiful Small Wooden Cottage in Snowy Mountains

Untold Story of Day-1 in Mcleodganj: 

Halt for 2 hours after traveling in Prior Booked Hotel in Hyatt Regency Dharamshala Resort, Mcleodganj as most of the places are near Mcleodganj. After having refreshments, we booked Sedan Car in 2000 INR for 90 km, we left for Dharamshala and Mcleodganj at our decided destination. 

Triund” the Crown Jewel Of Dharamshala

Triund” the Crown Jewel Of Dharamshala

First, we went to “Triundthe Crown Jewel Of Dharamshala” and spent a beautiful time. We tracked for around 5 km with panoramic views and captured life memories. Then we visited paradisiacal scenery of Bhagsu Falls. We sat there for 3 hours doing nothing. The beauty is so blissful that the air we were breathing, the water and greenery we were into is never going out from our heart.

We had still a few hours left, so we arrive for Dharamkot, a quaint town. It is a tiny hill station. Hence, one can clearly witness the beauty of the Himalayan Range, which comprises of snow-laden mountains where sky-touching the hills. This travel story is written in respect of the title “Mcleodganj, Dalhousie & Khajjiar-The Untold Story of Sugandha BansalYTS“.

Historic Kangra Fort:

We visited one of the most historic and oldest fort “Kangra Fort”, and got to know some interesting facts about history and added some extra knowledge in our bucket.

Historic Kangra Fort
Historic Kangra Fort

Now it’s 6 PM in the evening and we are ready to go “Holy Dalai Lama Temple”. After reaching there we spent 1 hour within the premises of the temple. Red painted walls are chanting around Temple which was giving us the feeling of spiritual peace. Dear Folks, it’s my first experience in Buddhist Temple but its literally mindblowing. It’s around 7:30 PM in the evening and its time to go back to the resort. After the joyful day, we slept around 10 PM and waiting for the next thrilling day in Dalhousie.

Mcleodganj, Dalhousie & Khajjiar-The Untold Story of Sugandha Bansal-YTS
Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows

Untold Story of Dalhousie Day-2:

Left the resort in the early morning and left for Tea Garden which is on the way; just 5 km from the city near circuit House. Starts trecking for 1km inside the Tea garden to rid myself. My companions noticed that it doesn’t mean how long you can walk in a straight road but in the Mountains, every single step matters a lot. 

Mcleodganj, Dalhousie & Khajjiar-The Untold Story of Sugandha Bansal- YTS
Valley of Tea Garden

When We Met With an Accident:

While moving ahead all the way to Dalhousie and we met with an accident. A car has hit our vehicle from behind but with the mercy of God, we escape from the major accident. It was entirely unexpected and unbelievable from the car driver who was deliberately trying to treat us as a tourist and started demanding the cost of repair; even the collision is made by him.  Then we have dial “100” and also Called SOS 112 and call the police for help. Policemen took 30 minutes to reach the spot of the accident.

But, we didn’t expect that the Police of Himachal will be very helping and kind. Policeman castigated the Car Driver and asked for apologies. Car driver who was very arrogant and scolding us, suddenly became very generous and said sorry. To break the rules, Police have cut the Challan of that Car Driver. 

He wasted our 1 crucial hour but now we are satisfied, happy and safe. We have some good words with the police officers. One is from Delhi and another is from Jaipur. This was my first but great meeting of with a man in “KHAKHI”. As we didn’t spoil our mood and we get back to travel mode.

Finally, we reached Dalhousie at 2 pm and went to Bhagsunag Temple; one of the stunning Waterfall and temples. Then we went to  “Barah Patthar” Snow point and sat for 3 peaceful hours. Then we return to our wooden cottage house, have candlelight dinner under the sky and took proper sleep. 

Mcleodganj, Dalhousie & Khajjiar-The Untold Story of Sugandha Bansal- YTS
Barah Patthar

We went back to Wooden Cottage Hotel around 8 PM in the night, had Candlelight dinner with Campanians in the rooftop. Food is delicious and very tasty; as we are trying Tibetan dishes. It was a great day apart from Road Incident. Dreaming for the next thrilling day.

Untold Story of Khajjiar, Day-3:

Now it’s time for the most awaiting place which is Khajjiar. 

#Sugandha Bansal
Snow falling soundlessly in the middle of the night will always fill my heart with sweet clarity


We were so excited that without wasting a single moment we reached to “Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary” which is former gaming reserves of Chamba rulers. Beauty of Khajjiar can not be expressed in the word. It is so mesmerizing and captivating that I can spend my rest life here. Khajjiar Lake and Kailash Villages are home to quaint. With its pristine beauty, it is the best getaway from this hustle and bustle life. 

Khajjiar Lake and Kailash Villages
Khajjiar Lake and Kailash Villages

We didn’t want to leave this place but this was our last day of this trip, so we decided to go a few other amazing destinations. We reached “Panch Pandav Tree” which is known for its interesting mythological tales. Then we visited Khajji Nag Temple; the most Vintage Temple Of Himachal Pradesh; Dainkund Peak, the highest Snow-Capped Peak, Panchpula, Chatryara – Blankets The Marvels Of Mother Nature and ended our most beautiful day of life till date.

Then we spent the rest of the day in Khajjiar by lying on the snow having a cup of coffee. It is quite relaxing and peaceful. Everyone is chilling and happier than ever. It seems like, we got a new life on a new planet.  We have booked a beautiful wooden cottage in Khajjiar. But due to heavy snowfall, the main road of Khajjiar was closed. This was unfortunate. This time, Mountains were ruthlessly saying, “GO BACK”. It was the last day of the year 2019. So, almost all the hotels were already booked. We decided to go for homestay. That was good, but the real beauty of mountains and nights lie when you spend your day in a wooden hut or in camps under the glory of beautiful nature and sky. This is how we created history and added new beautiful chapter with the dark Ink in the beautiful book of life. 

Points Well Taken!!

Mcleodganj, Dalhousie & Khajjiar-The Untold Story of Sugandha Bansal- YTS

The Untold Story of Sugandha Bansal

I read books, I travel a lot and sometimes I write also. That’s why I am sure that I can write and add more to my traveling story. Because these are times which are heart winning and mesmerizing.  But this is the time to say Good-Bye to you all. 

In my closing note, I would say, “you can come back to this post and be reminded that we all struggled, and part of life’s big journey is pushing past the challenges that face us”. To live this life, we as a human can come, join in the cozy cabin in the glory of winters; where we can create our own stories in the lap and heart of Almighty by watching the Green Lush Mountains, Snows, Freshwater Lake and High rise Mountains. So, this was my story which is in tagged with the title of this blog “Mcleodganj, Dalhousie & Khajjiar-The Untold Story of Sugandha Bansal-YTS”.

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