Places to Visit Manali: 12 Best Tourist Destinations- YTS

Best Places to Visit Manali- Best Tourist Destinations- YTS

Brief About Places to Visit Manali: 

Manali is a peaceful hill station, a popular tourist destination, a blissful honeymoon place, and a voyage discovery located in Himalaya’s lap. 

Manali, a resort town of Himachal Pradesh, is only 500km far from India’s national capital, New Delhi. It is a place where highways and city roads end and the real Himalayan terrain begins. 

Manali is a gateway to some of the best treks and hidden valleys. Old school style cafes, local homestays, traditional culture, and humble gratitude of Himachal fascinate the tourists worldwide. 

Himachali people respect mountains, rivers, and nature as a God. Locals are very determined and dedicated to saving the natural beauty of God gifted things.  

Kullu is the district hub for the entire region, where castles and temples are widely famous even though Paragliding in Kullu is much adventurous due to its extreme height. 

Manali and old Manali are both adjacent to each other. Old Manali is more famous for traditional cafes, local foods, and homestays.


The entire region of Kullu Manali is a blessing for tourists and travellers to spend their weekend, family vacation, or honeymoon trip. Kullu and Manali hill stations are some of the best summer getaways because of snow-capped mountains and pleasant weather. 

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People come to rejuvenate their mind and soul. This small town is perfect for people of all age groups. 

High mountain passes, glaciers, rare Himalayan wildlife species, local ethenic culture, die-hearted eco-friendly locals, and the peaceful monasteries make Manali a dream destination and top places to visit in Manali for tourists. 

Why Visit Manali- Himachal Pradesh

If you want to enjoy stunning views of breathtaking cliffs, long rides in beautiful Himalayan terrain, then visit Manali.

If you want to experience new life, discover a new voyage, visit offbeat remote places, valleys, and Himachal Pradesh villages.

If you fade up from cities busty life, your nose and lungs absorb polluted air; then you must visit Manali to relax your body, mind, and soul. 


Manali has become one of the prominent tourist spots nowadays because of the wide range of hotels and lodges and easy transportation. Adventurous activities, mountain trekking, forest camping, river rafting in Beas river, and monasteries are some of the things tourists love the most.

***Things to do in Manali- Himachal Pradesh***

Vashisht Temple- Top Tourist Destination in Manali, Himachal Pradesh
  • Try Sweet hot milk and local food in Mall road, Manali
  • Go for a short walk in Van Vihar Path adjacent to Mall road
  • Don’t forget to do the river rafting in the Beas river
  • Must visit Nicholas Roerich art gallery 
  • Must experience Jogini Waterfall Trek
  • Paragliding in Bijli Mahadev
  • Must visit Tibetan monastery near Mall Road, Manali

Languages Spoken in Manali

Hindi, English, and Panjabi are most preferred and easy to understand among locals. In contrast, the local language of Manali is the Pahari language, a Hindi dialect, which is derived from Sanskrit and Prakrit.

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Manali Weather: What to Wear and Carry: 

You must carry woolen whether you are visiting Manali in summer or winter. Due to high altitude and glaciers, the temperature of Manali ranges from −7 °C (19 °F) to 30 °C (86 °F). 

Tourists around the world love to wear local handicrafts and customs. There are many places near Manali and Kullu where you can rent a traditional dress for travel and photography. 

Hidden Gems and Places to Visit Manali and Kullu: 

Few beautiful places in Kullu and Manali fascinate tourists the most. There are also some nearby top visiting places in Manali which you should not miss.

Malana Village-Himchal:

Malana village is one of the mysterious and most beautiful villages in Himachal Pradesh. It has its own rules and discipline. Even the government bodies do not intervene in the community, culture, and living style of the Malana village people. 


Hermit village in the womb of Parvati valley is widely known among youth because of the Malana cream (Made with Cannabis plant) used for smoke. 

It is an untouchable place for the rest of the area. You can only visit Malana but not stay. Locals have a deep respect for their nature and wildlife species. They fear that if they allow outsiders to stay, they will also make this heaven as hell as humans did to the rest of the world.


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Malana Village- Best places to visit Manali, Himachal

Things to remember while visiting Malana Village: 

  • Do not try to ruin anything in the village by throwing garbage or plucking the plants.
  • If you’re going to buy anything, you must keep your distance and throw down money near the door of the shop.
  • You should take permission before clicking any customary images of the village.
  • You should follow the villagers’ basic rules not to disturb their cultural and natural heritage. 

Gulaba Village- Manali, Himachal Pradesh: 

Gulaba village is a hub of Himalayan flora and fauna and famous for Bollywood’s shooting point. This iconic place is only 25km from Manali town. Until Gulaba checks posts, you do not need permission. But if you want to go ahead to Rohtang La pass, you need to take permission from the local administration. In Gulaba village, you experience camping, trekking, scenic views of waterfalls, mountains, and exploring some of the most challenging regions.  

Gulaba- Best places to visit Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Hallan Village:

To find great places requires courage. Nature’s most beautiful places are always hidden in extreme locations and inaccessible paths. If you want to escape into the real wilderness, Hallan is the place you should not miss. 

Hallan village is just 20km from Manali and is close to the Kullu town. Camping in the Shila Ka Padr and looking downtown is like a dream come true. 

Hallan Village and Mountains- A most beautiful place in Manali- Himachal Pradesh

Manali Wildlife Sanctuary: 

Manali wildlife sanctuary is blessed with exquisite greenery and wild mountain animals. Many species of the tropics and the trees like willow, pine, poplar and Robinia, maple, deodar, fir makes Manali Sanctuary one of the best places to visit in Manali. 

Manali Sanctuary is located in the Circuit House Marg, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175131. 

You can visit the complete Manali wildlife sanctuary in 4 hours with an entry fee of only INR 10. Manali wildlife sanctuary opens every day from 9;00 AM – 6:00 PM, every day.

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The nearest airport from Manali Sanctuary is the Kullu-Manali Airport, which is close to 51 kilometers away. It takes around 1 hr 30 minutes to reach the sanctuary from the airport through the NH3 route. 

Iconic Buildings and Temple in Manali- Himachal Pradesh: 

Manu Temple: 

Manu temple is made up of wooden architecture in a peaceful place in old Manali. A short walk in the evening from Mall road to the Manu temple is a lovely experience. You can do meditation and absorb the tranquility of fresh air.

Manu Temple- Famous Tourist Destination in Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Hadimba Devi Temple- Manali: 

Hadimba Devi Temple- Gulaba- Best places to visit Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Hadimba Devi Temple is built in the meadow trees and covered with snow rashes.  You will feel blissful in the temple’s beautiful architecture, freezy cold, and calm. You can also visit the Anjani Mahadev temple. 

Vashisht Temple:

Vashisht Temple is one of the oldest and attractive tourist destinations in Manali. The sulfurous hot water spring in Vashisht Temple has excellent healing power. Turkish-style bath houses with hot water springs in Manali freezing cold give you the ultimate joy. 

Vashisht Temple- Top Tourist Destination in Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Beautiful and Best Mountain Treks in Manali Region: 

Beas Kund Trek- Manali:

Beas Kund Trek is one of the most popular treks of all. It is the nearest trek from Manali town that makes it more affordable and easy to reach. Even now, the Atal Tunnel is close to the Beas Kund Trek that helps tourists go even faster. The view from the top of Beas Kund Trek is stunning, and the region looks picturesque. 

Beas Kund- one of the top places to visit Manali- Himachal Pradesh

Deo Tibba Trek-Manali, Himachal Pradesh:

Deo Tibba trek is located above Jagatsukh village and Pir Panjal jungles of Himachal. Deo Tibba trek’s height is around 6000 meters, making it one of Manali’s highest altitude treks. The trail from Manali is stiff and rocky, which is quite challenging to reach. Because of its tedious path and extreme weather during winter, the expedition takes the next level of experience. 

Deo Tibba- top places to visit Manali- Himachal Pradesh
Deo Tibba- top tourists places in Manali- Himachal Pradesh

Bhrigu Lake Trek- Manali:

The trail of Bhrigu lake trek starts from Dhungri village to Vashisht and then Pandu Ropa.  Once you cross Pandu Ropa, you take another four-kilometer trek to reach your final destination, Bhrigu lake. Bhrigu lake trek is the ultimate destination of the Manali. In the evening, you will be the eyewitness of wild bears. 

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Bhrigu Lake Trek- Top Tourist Destination in Manali- Himachal Pradesh
Bhrigu Lake Trek- Top Tourist Destination and one of the best places to visit Manali- Himachal Pradesh
  1. Patalsu Peak Trek:

Whosoever visited Manali must have seen the Patalsu mountain peak from Solang valley. Patalsu peak is located at the height of around 13000ft. Trek to Patalsu peak is moderate and comfortable for tourists and travellers. Many peaks have been dominated among mountaineers, such as Hanuman Tibba, Friendship peak, Shitidhar peak, and Ladakhi peak. Patalsu peak is one of the best mountains for the scenic view. 


Hampta Pass-One of the best places to visit Manali: 

Hampta Pass is a place that displays a fantastic landscape and dramatic view of the mountains. Hampta Pass is a dream trek of the youths and many mountaineers because both sides of the hill have entirely different views, making it a dramatic crossover pass. 

Hampta Pass- Top places to visit Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Best Places to Stay in Manali:

Being lust with greenery and scenic beauty, Manali offers various hotels, hostels, resorts, lodges, hotels, and homestays. 

Hotels to Stay in Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Top Hotels to Stay in Manali: 

  1. Shivadya- A Boutique Hotel 
  2. Karma Cottage 
  3. Wood Valley Cottage
  4. Manuallaya- The Resort & Spa

Best Homestays in Manali: 

  1. Ragri Homestead
  2. Malhaar Homestay
  3. The Dog on the Hill Homestay
  4. Johnsons Homestays
  5. Black Rock Homestay

Backpacker and Traveller Hostels to Stay in Manali: 

  1. The Culture Nation Hostel
  2. Moustache Hostel
  3. Yolo Backpackers
  4. Zostel- Manali
  5. Backpackers Panda
  6. Bros Hostel

Restaurants for Delicious Cuisines and Local Foods in Manali: 

  1. The Johnson’s Cafe and Hotel
  2. Chopsticks Restaurant
  3. IL Forno 
  4. Drifters Inn Cafe & Bar
  5. Cafe Live
  6. The Lazy Dog Lounge  

Best Adventure Activities in and around Kullu and Manali


Paragliding is popular in Kullu and Manali and nearby places of Himachal Pradesh. Paragliding prices vary from INR 1500 to INR 4000 depending on short and long rides. The best places to experience paragliding in Manali are Gulaba, Solang, Rohtang pass, Bijli Mahadev, and Marhi valley. 

River Rafting: 

For most of the travellers and young tourists, river rafting is the first choice. River rafting is a perfect adventurous sports activity no matter whether you know swimming or not. Many tour operators organize rafting in Beas and Tatpani rivers. Charges may vary among tour operators from 900 to 3000 INR for single people, including life-saving jackets. 


Skiing is the only sports activity that locals enjoy and spend their beautiful time in snowy winters. In Solang valley, many tournaments are held in winter, and inter-state players participate. Tourists also can enjoy these activities by spending a few bucks. 

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Manali offers various mountain peaks and passes which attract mountaineers from across the world. Nehru mountaineering institutes are set up in Kullu-Manali. Indian and International students can learn mountaineering and high altitude expeditions with short and advanced level courses. 

Road Trip:

A trip to Manali is not complete without a road trip. You should rent a motorbike in the valley and go across your limits. Manali nearby places such as Tosh, Kasol, Manikaran, Rohtang, Atal Tunnel, Keylong, Spiti, and Kaza can only be explored via road trip. The roads of Himachal are just incredible, with beautiful landscapes and water crossings.

Hiking and Trekking: 

Being a mountainous region, Manali is a perfect place for hiking and trekking. The mountains of Himachal offer high mountain peaks, deep meadow jungles of Pir Panjal ranges, Parvati valley jungle, beautiful scenery, and a wide range of flora and fauna. If you are a bird lover and photographer, old Manali and Himalayan reserve areas wait only for you. 

FAQs About Places to Visit Manali- Best Tourist Vacation Destinations

Q.1: Is Manali Sanctuary open throughout the year?

Ans: Yes. Manali Sanctuary is open from January to December. The best time to visit Manali wildlife sanctuary is from October to February. 

Q.2: Why Manali is so famous?

Ans: Manali is the best gateway from summer and the hustle and bustle of life. It is a famous and beautiful hill station. Manali is a perfect place to spend a family vacation, weekends, and the best honeymoon destination. Not only this, Manali is famous for adventure activities, picturesque landscapes, handicrafts, food, and shopping. 

Q.3: How many days are good to visit Manali?

Ans: A 3-4 days trip to Manali is good to enjoy sightseeing and other beautiful activities. You can also visit nearby places in Manali like Kasol, Manikaran, Solang Valley, etc.


Q.4: Which is the best time to visit Manali?

Ans: The best time to visit Manali is from April-June. If you like snow, extreme weather, and lush greenery, then visit Manali from October-January. 

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Q.5: Which are the best shopping markets in Manali?

Ans: Manali Mall Market, Manali Bazaar, Tibetan Art Store, and Himachal Emporium are some of the famous shopping markets in Manali. 

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