Places to Visit Mussoorie: 8 Best Tourist Destinations

Places to Visit Mussoorie: 8 Best Tourist Destinations

About Mussoorie: 

Due to its pristine beauty, Mussoorie is known as the queen of hills and India’s honeymoon capital. The pleasant weather attracts married and unmarried couples, families, group friends, and adventurous travellers. There are many attractive hotspots and blissful places to visit Mussoorie.

The place is always in the news and the top priority travel bucket of romantic couples. The mesmerizing view of Himalayan ranges and birds twitter can win everyone’s heart. 

Meandering mountains and the hilly roads make Mussoorie the perfect tourist location of Uttarakhand across the year. During monsoon, the place is covered with a greenish cap and floating cloudy sky. 

The heart of the town Landour Bazar and Chaar Dukan offers various handicraft, woolen cloths, and interior design crafts. Mussoorie is very close to Dehradun with a distance of only 30km. The national capital of India, Delhi is also a short 6-hours drive away that has better connectivity for the rest of the country. 

Beautiful view of Himalayan ranges in Mussoorie and Best Visiting places
Beautiful view of Himalayan Ranges in Mussoorie

History of Mussoorie:

Mussoorie has a vast history of Gurkha, British, and Tibetan people. Until 1804 shepherds whose animals grazed and indirectly Umar Singh Thapa ruled the region, but after 1814, Britishers clashed and took place into their control. Undoubtedly, weather suits the captain and magistrate of doon; they build their houses in the ridge.

Splendid climate attracted many Europeans during the time and became a second choice after Shimla (Summer capital of British India). The place is unopened unless the movement “Indian and Dogs not allowed” with blemish history. Many Indian leaders were witnesses until the 1940s.


During the Free Tibet movement, thousands of Tibetan migrated and built their headquarters of the Central Tibetan Administration (Tibetan government in exile) in Mussoorie before it was later shifted to Dharamshala- Himachal Pradesh

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7 Exciting Reasons to Visit Mussoorie Once in a Life: 

  1. Queen of hills, Mussoorie in Uttarakhand is a kind of tourist destination in the blazing summer that gives you immense joy. 
  2. In Mussoorie, you will experience enchanting mountain peaks, tranquil local roads, and the adrenaline rush.
  3. Mussoorie hill station is perfect for summer holiday and winter vacation both. You can have an ideal weekend and sweet memories with your girlfriend, soulmate, or wife. Families, friends, and solo travellers can also have life, time joy, and happiness in Mussoorie.  
  4. Travellers experience cable car rides and scenic views from the top of kempty falls.
  5. Landour Bazar for a shopping fiesta is an excellent place for shopping for traditional and cultural clothes.
  6. Mussoorie is very famous for many adventurous sports activities such as skywalk to zip line and zip swing adventure, enthralling rafting, Ice Skating.
  7. Even Mussoorie is perfect to learn Winemaking and Wine Tasting amidst the Himalayas.
Top Tourist Destinations in Mussoorie, India

How to Visit/Reach Mussoorie: 

Plan a Road Trip to Mussoorie by Bus, Taxi, or Car: 

I would suggest taking your vehicle Motorbike or Car just if you enjoy riding and want to experience driving on the iconic narrow roads. You will be the eyewitness of the real natural beauty of Himalayan ranges, snow-capped mountains, lush green trees, and small villages with scenic views.

Reach Mussoorie Via Chopper: 

Even private tour operators run their chopper service from Dehradun to New Delhi. You can experience the lifetime scenic beauty having aerial views of George Everest, Lal Tibba, and Bear hills. 

Plan your Trip to Mussoorie via Train: 

Dehradun Railway Station is only 36 km away and serves as the nearest railway station to Mussoorie. A number of trains from far and near cities, including Delhi, Kolkata, Jammu, and Amritsar serve Dehradun city. After reaching Dehradun by train, visitors can board local taxis or buses for Mussoorie.

Reach Mussoorie via Air: 

Travellers from outside India can reach the international airports in Delhi or Mumbai and board a connecting flight to Dehradun. Several private taxis are available at the airport, which will take visitors to Mussoorie. Nearest Airport: The Jolly Grant airport at Dehradun is the nearest airport from Mussoorie

8 Best and Top Places to Visit Mussoorie:

Mussoorie has many attractive places to win the heart and soul of their tourists. It welcomes travellers across the world and offers many magnificent and the best places where you can spend your holidays with everlasting memories. 


The list of 8 most attractive places to visit Mussoorie, Uttarakhand are;

Landour- Mussoorie: 

Landour is a small area or cantonment area in Mussoorie. It is a hub of the best resorts and Mussoorie hotels where you can see Himalayan ranges clearly from your windows. It has been used as a second home by many British administrators, European archaeologists, and researchers.

Landour- One of the most beautiful places to visit Mussoorie

Mall Road- Mussoorie:

Mall road is the place where people of the entire region gather to buy daily necessities and clothes. Nowadays small cafes and restaurants cover prominent tourist sites which help tourists to explore each place even more deeply. Small benches and street lights remind us of the old era, and that is the place where you can capture the beauty of real Mussoorie in your camera. 

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Mall Road- Top Tourist Destination in Mussoorie

Gun Hill- Mussoorie:

Gun Hill is one of the best places to visit Mussoorie. It is a historical and second-highest snow-clad mountain peak of Mussoorie. 

Gun Hill is a favorite place for viewing the the picturesque Himalayan range and Doon Valley. On the top of the hill, Local foods are very delicious. You should not miss having stream noodles, spicy pakoras with hot tea on a panoramic view of the highest peaks of Uttarakhand.

Gun Hill- Places to Visit Mussoorie and top Tourist Destinations
Gun Hill- One of the Top Places to Visit Mussoorie

Lal Tibba- Mussoorie: 

Lal Tibba is another beautiful and most visited place in Mussoorie. It is the place where you see Yamunotri, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Swargrohini peaks in a single frame. The place is still untouched by commercialization and industries. That is why it is even more beautiful and worth visiting. Telescope installed on the top of the hill gives a panoramic view even closer to your naked eyes.  

Lal Tibba- One of the best Visiting Places in Mussoorie
Lal Tibba- One of the best Visiting Places in Mussoorie

Kempty Fall- Mussoorie: 

Kempty waterfall was developed by Britisher as a camping site, and later on, it became one of the popular tourist destinations of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. Two main streams make this waterfall even more nourishing. The upper and lower pools gather a maximum crowd. On a warm and sunny day, tourists can enjoy having a bath in the crystal clear water. The joyful experience is rejuvenating and breathtaking. 

Kempty Fall- One of the most Beautiful and best Places to Visit Mussoorie
Kempty Fall- One of the most Beautiful and Blissful Places to Visit Mussoorie

George Everest House- Mussoorie:

Built-in 1832, the house and observatory of Sir George Everest, the Welsh surveyor and geographer, and the Surveyor General of India (from 1830 to 1843). Even the world’s highest mountain is named George Everest. 

The view of Shivalik hills and dense forest make the place even more beautiful. Even the tourism department is developing a Cartography museum.  

George Everest House, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand- India

Happy Valley and Cloud’s End: 

Happy Valley is another hidden gem in Mussoorie. You can explore the deep forest and every corner of the beautiful valley. You will find Tibetan monasteries and growing flowers in their orchids. 

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The area of the valley leads to the Cloud’s End. Happy Valley is a place where the geographical borders of Mussoorie end. The Hathipaon Park Estate is also there. 

Happy Valley and Cloud’s End in Mussoorie
Happy Valley and Cloud’s End

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary: 

Benog wildlife sanctuary is one of the perfect places to visit Mussoorie. It is the home of wild cats, which is close to the queen of hills. Benog wildlife sanctuary is just 10km away from Mussoorie, which is a part of Rajaji National park. 

A variety of typical fauna like a Himalayan goat, panther, leopard, bear, and wild deer are the beauty of the Benog wildlife sanctuary.

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary- Best Places to Visit Mussoorie
Benog Wildlife Sanctuary- Best Places to Visit Mussoorie, India

Best Adventurous Activities and Things to do in Mussoorie:

  1. Paragliding to get best birds eye view of the queen of hills Mussoorie

2. Experience thrilling white water rafting

3. Zip Swing Crossing with an upswing of 80ft high.

4. Breathtaking 350ft long wire rope at 120ft height SkyWalk crossing freehand without any support.

5. Rock Climbing in the giant rocks of Mussoorie.

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6. Unforgettable Forest Camping in Mussoorie

7. Mountain Biking and Cycling 


8. Heavenly Morning and Evening Walk with your best buddy.

Where to Stay in Mussoorie?

Best Places, Hotels, and Resorts in Mussoorie: 

Beautiful and Best Stays, hotel and resorts in Mussoorie

As a tourist, you should not worry about your stay in Mussoorie. You will get from budget and cheap hotels to luxury hotels and resorts in Mussoorie. 

Here is the list of most comfortable and safe hotels in Mussoorie;

1.Royal Orchid Fort Resort- Best for sunrise and sunset view and destination wedding.

2. Rokeby Manor- Old school theme helps to stand differently that offer delicious food.

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3. Fortune Resort Grace- A best resort for organizing events and parties. 


4. Welcome Hotel Savoy- Exceptional hotel in entire Uttarakhand and the best choice for a destination wedding. 

5. Madhuban Highlands- Peaceful location and scenic view; perfect for families and couples

6. Jaypee Residency Manor- Beautiful facilities, ambiance with hygiene, and delicious food.

Delicious Food and Local Cuisine of Mussoorie:

Here is a list of few restaurants where they can have the best local dishes in Mussoorie.


Little Llama cafe

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Landour Bakehouse

Urban Turban Bistro

Chardukan Mussoorie

Cafe Levy

Uphar Restaurant 


Mussoorie is the city of love, romance, absolute peace, joy, and happiness. You can spend the most beautiful moments and everlasting memory in Mussoorie. 


No one can describe the beauty of Mussoorie in words. It is full of beautiful scenic places, mesmerizing nature; snow-capped mountains, adventure, and wildlife where you can get a real realm of experience.

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Spending nights in a beautiful resort, having romantic candle night dinner and sitting under the stunning skies with your best buddy in the late nights carry a lot of joy and happiness. 

Even you can experience the wild beauty of Mussoorie while camping in the the forest with your friends. 

Dense and Beautiful Forest of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand- India
Dense and Beautiful Forest of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand- India

FAQs About Places to Visit Mussoorie: 

Q. How far is Mussoorie from the national capital of India- New Delhi, and how can I reach? 

Ans. Mussoorie is just 270km from New Delhi, and you will get a bus or taxi from Kashmiri Gate, New Delhi.

Q. Is Mussoorie developed by the Britishers?

Ans. Yeah! But not in-toto. Tibetan refugees developed Mussoorie as a tourist destination along with the tourism department of India. 

Q. Can I do River Rafting in Mussoorie?

Ans. Yes! You can do enthralling river rafting in Mussoorie. Yamunotri River flows along the valley, and you can find many operators in Nainbagh. 


Q. From where should I plan the cheapest Mussoorie trip for my vacation?

Ans. You can book the cheapest trip for Mussoorie from, 

Q. Can I rent a Motorbike/Car in Mussoorie?

Ans. Yes! Local tour operators have various Bikes and Cars on a daily rent basis.

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Q. As a travel couple, from where can we book our safest and cool honeymoon trip on the best deal?

Ans. You can choose your perfect trip from or Expedia with the complete tour package.  

Q. What are the best honeymoon destinations in Uttarakhand?

Ans. Mussoorie, Chopta, Nainital, Almora, Auli, Chakrata, Lansdowne, and Chamoli are the best honeymoon destinations in Uttarakhand.

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