Best Tourist Places to Visit in Northeast: 8 Sisters of India

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Northeast: 8 Sisters of India

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Northeast:8 Sisters of India

About Northeast India 

The inhabited place close to true diversifying nature, 1500km from the capital city of India, the eastern part of Himalayas and Khangchendzonga is still unexplored. Because of its remote location and some legal paperwork and special permit required for tourists. 

Yet, most of the traveller from around the world miss the rich heritage culture, beautiful weather and isolated place of Asia’s cleanest village. It is full of the oldest root bridges and undiscovered rain forests. 

People who love nature will surely fall in love with these organic states. Many herbs, exclusive wooden furniture and lots of natural resources exports from northeast India. 

Extraordinary gastronomic experience, challenging trekking routes, eco-friendly destinations, eclectic culture, amazing handicraft, memorable road routes and home to the music festival are the major centre of attraction for the world. 

Why must you plan a memorable trip to northeast India? 

India’s seven sister states, belong to fully organic and pure natural land in the eastern India, close the Myanmar (Burma), Bangladesh, Bhutan and China. Unique traditional tribes still not connected with the rest of the world. 


Special permits are required to reach and experience the culture and lifestyle of eastern Tribes with a fully strong ecosystem. 

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In the heart of the beautiful place; pure air, surrounding lush green mountain, high rise gushing waterfall, exotic wildlife, natural root bridges, beautiful scenery, Asia’s cleanest village, India’s biggest river island can be seen. 

Delicious tribal dishes, amazing hospitality of local people are one of the most blissful things. 

Land of Meghan (area of Clouds/Wettest place in Asia), world’s 4th largest waterfall (seven sister waterfall) unhailed Horned Rhinos in the Kaziranga National Park are here only. 

It also consists of a 400-year old monastery in Tawang Hill, world’s floating national Park, historic trade route; known as a Silk Route, 14th-century road majorly traversing India, China, Persia, Arabic and Roman countries with more than 50 scenic bands majorly used in World War. 

You can enjoy the spectacular beauty of an amazing rain forest with crystal clear river water, the best river islands in India with more than 1200 wild animal species. The travel blog is elaborating the beauty in the context of “Best Tourist Places to Visit in Northeast:8 Sisters of India


Location of Northeast India:

Eastern Indian comprises eight states- Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim (India’s first organic state), Meghalaya, Manipur, Tripura, Nagaland and Mizoram. 

Maximum temperature in the states is 35°C degrees in the summer and the average temperature is from 15°C to 25°C throughout the year.

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How to Reach Eastern India:

Major Airports:

LGB International Airport- Guwahati: It is majorly used by international tourist and administrative airport in the region. 

Bagdogra International Airport is another airport in Siliguri (West Bengal).

Imphal International Airport is in Manipur.

Dimapur Domestic Airport and Agartala Airport also have great connectivity.


Major Railway Station in Northeast India: 

IRCTC buses run North-East Front-Line Zone

  • New Bongaigaon–Guwahati- 40+ train passes daily 
  • New Jalpaiguri-10+ train passes daily
  • Lumding–Dibrugarh section- 20+ train passes daily
  • Eklakhi–Balurghat- 5+ train passes daily
  • Dimapur Railway station- 15+ train passes daily 

***Best Scenic Train route in Northeast India which you can’t miss**

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1.Guwahati- Agartala: 

The 15-hour journey is one of the most scenic and complete within green landscapes and beautiful tea gardens. This route is awarded as the best cinematic way in India. 

2. Darjeeling to Siliguri Toy Train: 

This one-day trip is one of the best train experiences across the country. It passes through the scenic tea garden, valley passes, fantastic wildlife. It is the cleanest railway station, historic art middle of railway station and also awarded the UNESCO heritage site. 

3. New Jalpaiguri (WB) to Tinsukia (Assam):

It starts from the hill station and passes through the mountains, tea gardens, Brahmaputra riverside and dense tropical forest and takes more than 20-hour. But every single second is worth enjoying and being joyful.


Major Roads to Cover Northeast India:

Almost all highways have been constructed across northern, eastern India, but still some part left out due to challenging terrain and due to dense forest. Major roads are double lane, and do not expect 4- lane highways across seven states. 

Some of the national highways are four lanes, but still significant ways are single or double lane. **Only experience driver is recommended to drive in the Northeast India due to blind narrow patches **

Best Roads to Plan Road Trip: 

1. Kalimpong- Zuluk- Gangtok:

170kms including Silk Route (oldest road in the world)- epic and slender patches mountain roads is the best route for a single day road trip. It gives the experience of snow, water crossing, high rise waterfall, valley view and fantastic wildlife animals across the tropical forest.

2. Guwahati to Cherapunji:

It is a newly constructed highway between the edge of the mountains across 150km. Hitting clouds and unwanted rainfall will change your mindset if you are fond of driving. I must say epic and exotic roads. 

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3. Tezpur-Tawang: 

350km long route for those people who love driving and are crazy about nature. It is an epic road trip crossing through winding roads, virgin forests, beautiful hamlets beside gusty mountains rivers and majestic monasteries.

4. Jorhat to Mechuka: 

This 500km distance road is one of the most beautiful and colourful ways covering Vast meadows, tiny hamlets, local tribes, Pasighats, bamboo forests which is close to Myanmar border. 


Also, there is a proposed new international route: Indo-Myanmar-Laos-Thailand route to boost tourism and trade.  

5. Guwahati to Moreh: 

Epic 600km route is the witness of more than 50 cultures and local tribes covering almost four states and magical mountains, river roads all the way to Moreh and finally into Myanmar border. 

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Northeast: 8 Sisters of India


Best Tourist Places to Visit in Northeast: 8 Sisters of India
Sikkim-First Organic state of India

First Organic state of India, known as The Lepchas, similar culture with butanes embarking journey of Gangtok land of mystical wonderland of spectacular beauty of nature. Perfect combination of snow-capped Himalayas. Vibrant culture and colourful festivals make infinite variety and wide range of heady scent of flower-bedecked meadows, that fascinating and exotic challenging for real adventurers.

Delightful local traditional dishes, peaceful travel locations, snow-capped mountain view of Khangchendzonga is breathtaking from the top of the valley town. This crime-free state is the hot tourist destination who likes quiet location and diversified culture.

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Best Places to Visit in Sikkim

Best Places to Visit in Sikkim
GangtokCapital City, Ropeway and Mall Road
NamchiBest for Khangchendzonga View
Khecheopalri Lakewish-fulfilling lake
Silk routeone of the oldest trade route covering Nathula Pass
PellingOne of the best sunset point in the Sikkim
Gurudongmar Lakeat 17000ft height frizzy lake and thought terrain.
Zero Point-best for sneaking and playing with snow, suitable for family trip
Ranong-Tall Buddha Park in the mountain peak


2. Assam:

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Northeast: 8 Sisters of India

Assam is known as a land of one-horned Rhino, along with wild water buffalo and various Asiatic birds. It is situated between the Brahmaputra river across the state which shares the border with six other Indian states. It is also the administrative state for all seven states of Northeast India. 

Whereas Guwahati is the most significant capital city. Assam has a reputation of unspoiled natural beauty. Lavish tea gardens, national parks, river islands, ferry ride across Brahmaputra river, experiencing unique geographic location in Majoli islands, jungle safari in Kaziranga national park, Leopard and Elephants are popular and can be seen at most of the places. 

Unmissable assumes cousin, especially “Khar” mixture of pulses, vegetable and meat/fish added assumes spices little bit spicy feels yummy. Assam is covered with 35% forest, which is a massive percentage in the modern era of liberalisation, privatisation and globalization(LPG). 

It is nestled in the colossal mountains and deep valley of Himalayas. Assam is an unexplored treasure with the amazing natural beauty and majestic culture.  The travel blog is elaborating the beauty in the context of “Best Tourist Places to Visit in Northeast:8 Sisters of India

Best Places to Visit in Assam:

Best Places to Visit in Assam
KanchanaburiKaziranga national park
GuwahatiKamakhya Temple, Peacock Island, Nehru Park and Assam State Zoo.
MajuliLargest River Island also known as Floating National Park
TezpurAgnigarh, Chitralekha Udhyan, Padum Pukhri

3. Meghalaya (Abode of clouds) or Scotland of East:

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Northeast: 8 Sisters of India

In the regional language, Meghalaya means home of Meghan (clouds). This hill state is accessible from Cherrapunji, one of the wettest places in India. Natural root bridge and edge cornering waterfall across the state define its name perfectly. 

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Asia’s cleanest village is in Mawlynnong. It is a pure natural village with zero carbon emission and an eco-friendly environment. 

The capital city Shillong is one of the urbanized towns in the entire state. Leftover British colonial influence which is evident in beautiful old architecture. 

Captivating lakes, caves, valleys and waterfalls makes the absolute combination with the clouds and delivers a completely natural experience. 

The Costumes of the local Khasis and Garos tribe will definitely be relaxing and exotic. Also, the colourful dresses by women showing traditional culture make you realize that you are in ancient times. While crossing tea gardens where women harvest in local dresses gives you the cinematic view. 

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Northeast: 8 Sisters of India

Best Places to Visit in Meghalaya:

Best Places to Visit in Meghalaya
CherrapunjiSeven Sister Waterfalls, Double-Decker Living Root Bridge, Dainthlen Fall, NohKaLikai Falls and Arwah Caves.
ShillongUmiam Lake, Ward’s Lake, Don Bosco Museum and Laykor peak.
MawlynnongCleanest Village in Asia, Independent Stone, Intertwining Bridge.
JowaiLuong Peak, Tyrshi Waterfall, Kiang Nangbah Monument and Moopon Falls.
BaghmaraBaghmara Reserve Forest, Siju Bird Sanctuary and Nengkong Cave.

4. Manipur:

Manipur-vibrant cultural
Manipur-vibrant cultural

Manipur is the gateway to south-east Asia. It is a land of festivals and vibrant cultural events. Tribes makes it more beautiful and welcoming. 


The northeastern state is multi-lingual as it endowed with classical dance scrumptious cuisine and tribal aura that fumes like a lighted incense stick in sacred shrines. 

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Capital city Imphal looks rich and throbbed by an amazing crowd. Fish market and natural species market is widespread. 

Tuibuong tribes make you even more reliable. Mountain state is famous for Paddy Rice Farms and Bamboo Farms. 

Best Places to Visit in Manipur:

Best Places to Visit in Manipur
ImphalKangla Palace, Khwairamband Bazar, Ima Market and Shahid Minar.
MoirangKarang Island, Loktak Lake, Sendra Park, INA Museum and Keibul Lamjao National Park
TamenglongTamenglong Waterfall, Khoupum Lake, Ungba Hill
UkhrulShirui Kashong, Khangkhui Caves, Mova Cave and Nilai Tea Garden

5. Arunachal Pradesh:

Arunachal Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh: amazing traditional villages, monasteries, Shanti Stupas, fascinating view of Khangchendzonga Mountains, and small Buddhist town Namsai,

The northeastern state of India, Arunachal Pradesh is close to Tibet, Bhutan and Myanmar (Burma). It is completely unexplored and undiscovered in India due to remote location.

But it is a home to one of the most beautiful places, amazing traditional villages, monasteries, Shanti Stupas, fascinating view of Khangchendzonga Mountains, and small Buddhist town Namsai, which is popular for Golden Pagoda (Buddhist Pilgrims), natural heritage and riverside beauty of Lush Green Forest.  

Adi-Tribe: Arunachal Pradesh

Best Places in Arunachal Pradesh:

Best Places to Visit in Arunachal Pradesh
ItanagarFort Ita, Gompa, Indra Gandhi Park ad Theravada Buddhist Temple.
TawangTawang Monastery, Sela Pass, Nuranag Waterfalls, Jaswant Garh War Memorial.
PasighatExotic River and Hill Forest
ZeroBamboo Groves, Tally Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Zero Point and Paddy Farms.
BomdilaBomdila Monastery, Sessa Orchid Sanctuary and Dirang Valley.

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6. Tripura:

It is the highly enriched cultural state among all the seven sister states of India. Historic and heritage sites, hundred-year-old temples, wildlife destinations and thriving arts and craftsmanship the major centre of attraction for the tourists. 

Ujjayanta Palace, a glamorous palace, built with white marbles in the middle of Agartala city which makes it one of the beautiful structures across the state. 

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary, which is the home of an impressive variety of animals, various kinds of Capped Langur, Spectacled Monkey, clouded Leopards, Fowl, Barking Deer and Wild Pig. 

Inside the park you can experience rubber plantation which is spread in a large area. Boat rides and toy train rides are popular for families. 


Best Places to Visit in Tripura:

Best Places to Visit in Tripura
AgartalaUjjayanta Royal Palace, Heritage Park, Fourteen Gods Temple and Tripura Government State Museum.
TawangBhuvaneshwari Temple, Kalyan Sagar and Tripureshwari temple.
AmbassaNeermahal Palace, Pilak, Jagannath temple and river boating.
DharmanagarJampui Hills, Historic Monuments and Ancient Temples.

7. Nagaland:

Nagaland is known as a land of festivals
Nagaland is known as a land of festivals

It is known as a land of festivals, popularly known for hill station, carefully preserved natural, historic beauty and tradition to hold its everlasting beauty. 

Mysterious state holds lots of truth about fitness. Inhabited vibrant people are zealously guarding their culture, dance, warriors, head-hunter, mountains and forests. 

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From extreme mystery to hosting a globally famous cultural festival. Local Naga tribes eat almost everything from dogs, pork, snakes and elephants. 

That’s how to relish food and drink in Nagaland. Colourful, crafty tribes are the soul of state which allow only permitted tourists across the world.

Best Places to Visit in Nagaland:

Best Places to Visit in Nagaland
KohimaNagaland state museum, Japfu Peak, War cemetery, Khonoma village and Dzukou Valley
DimapurKachari ruins, Chumukedima, Triple Falls and Zoological Park
MonLongwa Village, Tenyimi Church and Veda Peak.
LonglengPongo Village, Dikhu River and Zunheboto.


8. Darjeeling:

Darjeeling: Queen of hills

West Bengal’s hill city Darjeeling and Siliguri is also known as a Queen of hills. It is the best gateway from the hot and humid summer of India. 

In the British era, Darjeeling was the summer capital of India. Welcoming nature locals, sunrise point, untouched hills, charming past, making it one of the best hill stations in India.

It provides a mixture of splendid tea state gardens on rolling mountains, toy train ride, though the picturesque town, and delectable traditional cuisine, works wonders to cater to the gorgeous panorama of the Himalayas.  


Best Places to Visit in Darjeeling:

  • Ghoom Monastery
  • Peace Pagoda Darjeeling
  • Darjeeling Ropeway,
  • Tenzing Rock
  • Valley Tea State Gardens
  • Observatory Hills

Closing Keynote on “Best Tourist Places to Visit in Northeast:8 Sisters of India”:

The travel blog is elaborating the beauty in the context of “Best Tourist Places to Visit in Northeast:8 Sisters of India; I must say, “Northeast India is the blissful and captivating destination with soothing beauty, home to several offbeat tourist attractions, spiritual ambience, local tribes, zealous culture, colourful dresses, mysterious culture. 

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Inhabited jungles and wildlife are the heaven for travellers, who look forward to witnessing a heady mix of history, culture, and nature. 

The northeastern state of India is hosting the number of wildlife reserves and many more to increase the excitement.


**It is highly recommended to get the clearance and collect permits for national and international traveller before you enter in restricted areas. As most of the places have their own rules and regulations. As these places have special rights and are privileged by the constitution of India.**

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