Why We Celebrate Holi & Best Place in India to Celebrate

Why We Celebrate Holi & Best Place in India to Celebrate

What is the Holi Festival?

Holi is a festival of Colors where millions of people from India and Nepal celebrate with great zeal and enthusiasm. People celebrate in the month of Phalguna (Lunar) with the last full moon day. Fundamental reason to celebrate Holi is to wash all the demons before starting a new year. The explanation and derivation of the blog is in the context of “Why We Celebrate Holi & Best Place in India to Celebrate“.

The Holi Festival brings a smile on millions of faces. They gather together and hug each other and share a few beautiful moments of their lives.  

The festival of Holi reduces the gap between religion, caste, creed, colour, gender, age and status.

Holi is popularly known as the Indian “festival of spring”, the “festival of colours”, and the “festival of love”. The festival signifies the arrival of spring, the end of winter, the blossoming of love, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships.

Why Holi Celebration Happens every year

Holika Dahan (Burning of Demon Holika)

Why We Celebrate Holi & Best Place in India to Celebrate

The concept of Holika Dahan came when Lord Vishnu burnt Holika to save Prahlad, one of his devotees. Holika is the sister of demon King Hiranyakashyap who won the kingdom on earth. He was egoistic and called himself God. He delivered a message to everyone, if they want to live, start praying to him, not lord Vishnu.ย 


But his son, Prahlad who was the devotee of Lord Vishnu refused to worship king Hiranyakashyap. King tried every way to kill his son, but Lord Vishnu always saved him. 

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Finally, the King asked his sister Holika to burn Prahlad. Holika, along with Prahlad, entered in the Burning unscathed to burn him alive. 

Miracle happened here. Holika who had boon, no fire can burn her, burnt completely. And Prahlad who was chanting the name of Lord Vishnu, he was completely safe.

Choti Holi and Dhulandi/Rangoli: 

On the next day of Holika Dahan, families and friends gather in a single place Chawnk (Stopover), families and other members play with colours with their beloved once. 

It is said in many Puranas, naughty and mischievous Lord Krishna started the trend of playing colours for the harmony and prosperity amongst the people. The trend soon gained popularity amongst the masses. The explanation and derivation of the blog is in the context of “Why We Celebrate Holi & Best Place in India to Celebrate“.

Best places to celebrate the Holi festival in India

Mathura/Vrindavan/Barsana- Uttar Pradesh: 

Why We Celebrate Holi & Best Place in India to Celebrate

Mathura is only the 3-hours ride from the capital of India- New Delhi. Rituals commence one week before and there is no other place in the world, which can embrace this festival like Mathura.


Shri Krishna Janmasthala temple holds most of the crowd across the country. Here, Holi celebration starts in the early morning and continues till evening and becomes the memorable day for all.

Lathmar Holi is a local celebration of the Hindu festival of Holi. It takes place days before the actual Holi in the neighbouring towns of Barsana and Nandgaon. The peculiar style of celebrating Holi where Women’s beat men with steaks. Because of this, it is also known as Lathmar Holi Celebration. People also play Holi with Tomatoes and Laddus (traditional Sweet). 

Date- 5th March to 10th March

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Budget: If you are making four days, then INR 30000 will be enough for a luxurious and joyful Holi festival. 

Hotel to Stay:

  1. Anandam Clark Inn Suites Vrindavan
  2. Nidhivan Sarovar Portico
  3. Club Mahindra
  4. Sterling hotel

Udaipur and Jaipur:

Why We Celebrate Holi & Best Place in India to Celebrate

Beautiful Lake city or the angel city of Venice of India (Udaipur) and the UNESCO World Heritage city; Pink city of Rajasthan(Jaipur) is popular for its pride, ancient forts, architecture, royal lifestyle, enriched cultures; celebrate Holi in their royal style along with their people and many tourists around the world. 

Special Pray (Yagya Pooja) one day before the actual Holi happens in the royal palace. After that, the whole city starts playing Holi with their family.

This tradition is widely popular across Rajasthan. In Udaipur, there is a local port fair organizes in the Holi week, where people bring woods and musters in the Crown area, central of the heritage city; where Bonfire (Holika Dahan) happens. 


Budget- INR 40K including luxury stay and celebration in the city palace or budget, can vary according to visits. 

What to eat- try in the Food club and Ambrai- Udaipur, kachori and samosa with colourful chutney and dal Bati in the Fern hotel or try Jag Niwas hotel for exotic spicy curry with Chapati.

Where to Stay:

  • The Oberoi Uday Vilas
  • Taj lake city
  • Leela Palace
  • Ramada Udaipur
  • The Lalit Jaipur
  • JW Marriott Jaipur
  • Rambagh Jaipur   


10 mARCH 2020


Do not assume, South Indian people do not celebrate Holi. There are many Hindu temples in Karnataka where people come across the world to celebrate Holi. 

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Near Tungabhadra river, there is a village town known as Hampi, where people celebrate Holi with Joyful colours and finally dive into the Bank of Tungabhadra. 

It takes two days to complete the Holi event. 

What to Eat:

Taste of South Indian cuisine is full of tasty and delicious foods with traditions. Some of the foods are Shenga Ellu chutney, Bhakri, Badanekayi and Kosambari Saaru is what you will love to eat. 


Where to Stay:

  • Vijayshree Resort
  • Royal Orchid Central
  • Evolve Back Hotel
  • Shiva Vilas Heritage Hotel

Budget: INR 35K for three days is reasonable for lovely accommodation, food and flight tickets

Holi in Varanasi (Kashi/Banaras):

The holy and ancient city situated beside worship and holy river Ganga is one of the best places to celebrate the Holi festival. 

On the Holika Dahan day, they burn evil over spirit. 

Around every corner of India, people come to see the epic Holika Dahan and Dhulandi celebration over Dhol-Nagada (Traditional Instruments). 

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With the loud voice of Sangeet (Songs), there is a positive vibe on the streets where walls are colourful and filled with joy in Holi. Ladies with fancy jewellery and sarees try to splash colours in their beloved ad play like anything. 

Local Agoras (Sadhu-Sant) also play Holi with Burned dead bodies Ashes. It seems dangerous and horrible. But for them, it’s just a small activity. The explanation and derivation of the blog is in the context of “Why We Celebrate Holi & Best Place in India to Celebrate“.

Kashi Holi


  1. Keep yourself away from local drunk men, as most of the people drink alcohol, Bhang and other drugs and misbehave with others. Try to travel in groups
  2. Do not use Chinese colours as it might harm your skin
  3. Take care of yourself and your belongings
  4. DO NOT TRUST PEOPLE; they may steal your valuable goods 

Budget: INR 30000 is satisfactory for a single person with a luxury stay, including food and transportation for a three days trip.

Where to Stay: 

  • Taj Ganges 
  • Taj Nadesar Palace
  • The Clarks
  • Madin Hotel


People in Punjab have different cultures. They call it “Hola Mohalla”. Anandpur Sahib is the place where most of the People gather and greet each other. They have the local food like- Halwas, Puris, Malpuas and sweets along with their friends and loved ones.

Even Punjabi’s celebrate with Gusto. They also shows the Nihangs display some arts with Archery, sword fencing, fancy horse riding, tent-pegging, and the deft handling of the contraptions of offence and defence. 

Spectacular and thrilling acts of daredevilry dexterously executed are performed on the land of Punjab.   

Where to Stay:

In Gurudwara where there is no cost associated with it for food and accommodation.

Author‘s Keynote:

In Maharashtra, they celebrate with Matki Phod (breaking the pot) Holi. Men climb on top of each other to form a human pyramid up to the height from which a pot buttermilk is hung. The one who breaks the pot is named the Holi King of the year.

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Why We Celebrate Holi & Best Place in India to Celebrate

In Vrindavan, widows and estranged women immerse themselves in colours on Holi. 


In Punjab, Sikhs revel in colours on Hola Mohalla, which is celebrated a day after Holi.

The customs, rituals or beliefs can be different, but unity and spirit drives people across the world on the festival of colours. The explanation and derivation of the blog is in the context of “Why We Celebrate Holi & Best Place in India to Celebrate“.


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