Shimla Visiting Places: 9 Hot-Spot for Vacation

Shimla Visiting Places: 9 Hot-Spot for Vacation

About Shimla and its Tourism:

Where the swirling clouds embrace the hill with joy, the cold winds touch the heart with love, and life seems absolutely peaceful, we, mortals, call it heaven. Let’s go for the new adventure and explore the visiting places in Shimla.

Himachal Pradesh is a Dev Bhumi (The abode of Gods) and abundant with natural beauty. Shimla is the only mountain urbanized city of Himachal Pradesh as well as of India, surrounded with tall Deodar and Pine trees. 

People call it “Queen of the hills”. Stunning temples, mountain peaks, nomad culture of the locals, traditional food, apple orchards, festivals make Shimla a worthwhile destination to relax and explore. Every year more than 125 million people visit Himachal; where the maximum number of tourists visit Shimla. 

During the British era, Shimla used to be summer home to the viceregal lodge (president’s residence). Even the historic decision of India and Pakistan partition was held here. 

Shimla is built over seven hills connecting ridges. Green pastures and mountain peaks amaze everyone’s mind.

Reasons to Visit Shimla: 

Shimla is an only 5-hours journey from New Delhi which is 340km away. Chandigarh is just 110km away from Shimla and a perfect destination for weekend trips. 


North-Indian people have a geographical advantage to lost in the mountains even on weekend rides. Wonderful attractions, historic market, gaze at the Elizabeth style architecture, live performances in the Ridge and perfect weather year-round give you the immense pleasure.

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Shimla- India spend your summer vacation

Captivating reasons to visit the queen of the blissful hill stations

  • If you are fade-up with your job and looking for quality time
  • If you haven’t visited any hill station yet
  •  If you’re looking for a perfect family trip during summer
  • If you hate to much hot weather
  • If you are looking for cheaper tourist destination with amazing places 
  • If you haven’t enjoyed the nightlife of the mountains
  • If you want to spend some enjoyable time with your soulmate, girlfriend or wife. 
  • If you’re going to go for a honeymoon.

How to Reach Shimla: 

Via Train: 

100km memorable 5-hour journey awarded one of the best rail-route across India. It is declared as a world heritage site with massive tunnels and narrow gauge links. This line is situated in old multi-arched galleries, same like roman aqueduct over ravines between hills. 

Shimla has an extensive history and locals believe that Barog tunnel or tunnel number 33 is haunted railway station. You will experience this 5-hours slow ride as mindblowing and life-changing.

How to reach Shimla Via Train

Via Road: 

Bikers prefer bike whereas a group of friends prefer Open Jeep or SUV to ride all the way to Shimla from Chandigarh. Riders enjoy the scenic beauty of mountains, pleasant blowing wind, heart touching nature, riverside patches and coin size homes in the hills. 

Kalka-Dharampur-Barog-Solan-Shimla route will be your first choice if you’re coming from New Delhi.

Most entertaining motorbike route to Shimla is Chandigarh-Kalka-Kasauli-Solan- Damdar-Chail-Junga-Shimla. It’s a hidden treasure of nature that only travellers can explore.

Via Air: 

Shimla has no direct flight connectivity, but it has a domestic airport in Jabarhatti which is just 22km from Shimla. As of now, Shimla airport is not operational. Chandigarh is the only airport by which you can relay. 


Best Time to Visit Shimla and Required Budget:

If you are fed up with hot summer and robotic work life, then from March to July is the perfect time to visit Shimla. 

Whereas if you love to chill and less crowd, then visit from November to February. During winters you will be the eyewitness of snow-capped Ridge, less expensive hotels and fewer visitors. Backpacker hostels, lodges, hotels and resorts start from INR 400 to INR 20000 based on your convenience and luxury. 

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How many days are required for the perfect trip to Shimla:

7-days trip with the family, five days trip with your friends and three days are enough for couples. During your trip, you can also cover some attractive nearby places like Rechong Peo, Kalpa, Rampur and Narkanda.

Most popular Adventurous activities-

  1. Paragliding 
  2. Mountain climbing
  3. Hike to Jakhoo temple and forest trail
  4. Ropeway tour
  5. Camping
  6. Ziplining 
  7. Skiing
  8. Horse Riding
  9. Cycling in the mountains

9 Best and the most Beautiful Visiting Places in Shimla:

The Ridge- Heart of Shimla: 

The Ridge has an uninterrupted view of snow-capped hills of the Shivalik (Himalaya mountains) in the north and green valley’s heading south. Christ church, state library, and watchtower are just stunning. Travellers love the beautiful sunset in the winter days. 

The Ridge  is the best and the most Beautiful Visiting Place in Shimla

Starting your first day in Simla from an Ashiana coffee house which is just opposite to the Indian Flag gives you the incredible feeling. I can tell you if any tourist is in Shimla, this is the place where every tourist has a cup of coffee. The Ridge has the highest tourist footfall and considers as the best visiting places of Shimla.


Mall Road- Youngsters most fascinating Place in Shimla:

Controversially, Mall road is India’s breathtaking street that was made during British colonial. Spending evening with your closed once on Mall road is the most mesmerizing things to do in Shimla. 

Mall Road: Most Visiting Places in Shimla

Cafe Shimla Times, Wake & Bake and Himachali Rasoi are the best choices to hang-out. You can have the most delicious typical western food over there with Indian taste. 

You have shopping street, camping gear outlets with prestigious banks, cultural complex, heritage library, administrative offices, city point and much more things to explore in Shimla. 

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The whole marketplace has a signature structure with shaded wooden crafting in the reminiscent of the British era. 

Jakhoo Temple- Shimla: 

Jakhoo Temple is only 2-3 km from the Ridge where you can take a straight foothill hike. It is a trail of 40 minutes in a set amidst green meadow forests and a giant sculpture of Lord Hanuman. 

Jakhoo Temple: one of the most visiting places in Shimla

As per the Hindu mythology, “when Shri Laxman, younger brother of Lord Rama’s, was hit by arrows by Meghanada. To save him, Lord Hanuman, a devotee of Lord Rama, came to the Himalayas to take the Sanjeevani where he stayed on the Jakhu mountain. Since then, this temple has become a unique identity. Tourist feel blesses and amazed to have such a big idol of Lord Hanuman on this mountain. 


Here you will see many monkeys. So, I would suggest keeping your food and things safe, as monkeys can eat. People travellers love to feed these monkeys. 

Here you can see the entire Shimla in a mirror-eye. Even short-cut trails between wooden houses are just incredible. If you want, you can also come here by car/bike. But I would recommend you to plan a short hike. 

Naldehra- Shimla- Blissful Place for Vacation: 

Naldehra is one of the most visiting places of Shimla and even it is very lovable across India. If you are a lover of golf and you want to play golf in the womb of Himalayas beautiful hills, then Naldehra place is a dream for you. 

Naldehra- Shimla

Naldehra, the small hill station has the best romantic resorts of Shimla. It is only 20-km from the capital city Shimla and on the way to Tatapani. River rafting in Chabba, mountain trekking, jungle walking, romantic resorts, and temples in the ridges is loved by almost every adventure lover. 

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Kalka Shimla Train:  

Kalka is one of the oldest Indian railway routes built in the British era for the getaway of the summer from the capital of India. Narrow twisting tunnels, hilly-farms, breathtaking snow-capped mountains, historical towns across on the way to Shimla is fully loaded to have a 5-hours ride. 

Kalka Shimla Train:

Special train for tourists with deluxe wide-glass and premium upgraded toilets, with relaxing music make your journey memorable. Shivalik Deluxe express would be the right choice to plan a ride in the early morning from Kalka railway station around 6 AM that will reach around 12 PM. Kalka is just 30km from the significant city Chandigarh. You will never miss the historic towns Barog and Solan in your holidays. 


Kufri- one if the best visiting places of Shimla by Travellers:

Kurfi is a small hill station with pristine beauty, blessed with the wild beauty of nature. It is a fun world of Himachal Pradesh. You only need to take 20 or 40-minutes ride from the central Shimla. It has become a hot spot for every tourist because of the snow-capped valley in the summer along with Horse riding, telescopic view of the Himalayas. 

Kufri- Shimla- One of the best visiting places of Shimla

Almost every adventure activity happens here in Kurfi, especially a horse-ride. If you’re planning to hike, please rent long-boots because of muddy stretches. Most of the trail is slippery, and hence the extra-care is your priority. Elated yak rides and Tobogganing is the joyful things to explore. 

Green valley in Kufri is oozing boundless beauty surrounded by verdant hills covered with Pine and Deodar trees. And that is the best spot to plan a picnic.

Indian Institute of Advanced Studies-Shimla: 

It was the house of Lord Duffin, Viceregal of India (Governor of British India) during 1984-88. Indian Institute of advanced studies has the historical values for the country. For the Britishers, it was the summer capital of India. 

Indian Institute of Advanced Studies: Shimla Visiting Places

Many historical decisions were taken here, whether it is Indian independent movement or separation of Indo-Pak. Nowadays, it has become an institute for advanced studies. 

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Indian Institute of advanced studies is famous because of architecture and design which add glory to the queen of the Himalayas with its contemporary significance. 


Chail- Shimla- One of the best visiting places:

With a very less crowd, Chail is a small village situated at a great height. It is the best gateway from the hustle and bustle life. 

Chail- Shimla Visiting Places

Chail is a quintessential destination for tourists that refresh their mind, body and soul. It is only 50km from Shimla and 40km from Solan. 

Chail wildlife sanctuary is the signature destination for nature lovers as it offers a wide range of flora and fauna from black deer to goral and wild bear. Places like cricket stadium, Kali Ka Tibba, Sadhupul lake and resorts tucked in the arms of nature in Chail. 

Narkanda-Shimla- Wonderland of Nature: 

The more you travel deep, the more you peel the mysterious layers of Himalaya. Himalaya s a wonderland and a real gems for mortals. 

Narkanda- Shimla- Best visiting places

Narkanda is famous for skiing destinations and winter spots. Just over a two-hour ride from Shimla and 440km from the toxic city New Delhi, you will reach your blissful voyage Narkanda. Narkanda is elevated at 8000ft Sprewell over apple orchards and seasonal vegetable farms. Lovely people of Narkanda are heart touching and welcomes tourists as their guest. 

Narkanda is the gateway of Himalayan high ranges mountain and Hindustan Tibet road. Tannu Jubbar lake Hatu peak is the must-visit places. 

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Places like Sankat Mochan Hanuman temple, state museum, summer hills, and Himalayan nature park are the additional discovery of voyage to explore if you have an extended vacation.

Closing keynote on Shimla:

If you belong to the people who love nature and mountains, then Himachal is for you. The kind people of Devbhumi (Himachal Pradesh) always welcome you with their generous heart. 

We request you that never harm nature, which is a precious gift of God. Himachali people treat it like a God. Himachal is a crime-free state and has a record of zero communal violence in India. 

Locals may charge you extra for service, but unfortunately, tourism business is the only source of the income. So, do not take it otherwise that they are cheaters or cunning minded. 

Shimla Night with Your Travelling Story

Nowadays Shimla may feel crowded but nearby locations are just amazing to explore. Rent self-drive vehicles may be hectic for you within Shimal because of one-way roads and strict parking rules. Public transportation from Lakkad Bazar and lower parts from the rest of the state is incredible. Frequency of the buses and shuttle will help you in saving your time and hustle. 

The love of Himachal lies within me in such a way that every corner of the mountains is in my pumping heart. It blossoms inside the soul like glory and will stay until I breathe.  


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