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Story of Goa-Where to Visit and Nightlife

by Sachindra Vikram Singh
Story of Goa-Where to Visit and Nightlife

Story of Goa-Where to Visit and Nightlife

Our Journey of Goa starts in the month of November 2019. Our desire for Goa was to experience the nightlife, bars, pubs and the absolute peace in the beaches. To experience such things, we four travellers pack our bags and leave for Goa with full excitement. This is my experience written in the content of “Story of Goa-Where to Visit and Nightlife”.

Goa is known for its seafood vast Blue Beaches, Churches and Heritage Architecture. You go to the beach, swim, enjoy the water sports, have a party, devour the delicious seafood and then come back to your Hotel. We appreciate the romantic evening in solitude. Goa is beyond selfie and social media trend (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc).

Suggested Itinerary:

I along with my companion of 3 best friends; starts the beautiful journey of Goa from Pune around 10 PM in Mid-February and Reaches Mapusa (Goa) at 4 AM via Multi excel (Mercedes Benz) Bus and ticket is just ₹550 only.


Untold Story of Goa Day-1:

Early morning, we reach Mapusa and leave for Calangute Beach using local transportation; (local transport start from 5:30 AM). The journey was around 20-minutes. And then we search for hotels to stay; which cost us 1000/day for three occupancy. The best part of the accommodation is; you will get everywhere in Goa.

After refreshing energy and having breakfast; we rent two bikes for the next four days in just Rs — 500 each; which is a fair deal for Royal Enfield. The best part is; it takes only 5 minutes to complete all formalities. No paperwork, no deposits; only ID proof is enough. WOOOOW. Fuel cost is just 50/lt petrol.

We start city tour from Calangute around 10 AM and leave for Chapora Fort (Dil Chahta hai fort). After 30 minutes of ride; we reach and climb for 15 minutes. Finally, we reached the place where we see the Blue Arabian Ocean. The feeling of the view and natural scenery can not be described in words. One of my friends never seen ocean before; his passion was just incredible; the light is itself mesmerizing. The view of big ships starts looking in coin size. This is my experience written in the content of “Story of Goa-Where to Visit and Nightlife”.

Destination 2 on Day-1:

After spending 2 hours in the fort, we come down to touch the Arabian sea, and our main motive is to visit Goa. Can not wait to see the beautiful ocean for the first time in our life.
Any Guess for this Beuty!!!!, YEAH!! Absolutely; this is Vagator Beach; the less crowded beach. It has high rise waves, and the feeling is incredible, unforgettable — such feeling we’ve never experienced before. We spent 3 hours on the beach and tried local SEAFOOD at lunch, and the taste is incredibly crispy and tasty.

We wind up the day at 4 PM and return to the Hotel for rest. In the evening we go for dinner and try Local Wine called (FENI); kind of earthy-peppery hand-made cashew juice. We like the taste of FENI. After dinner, we return to the Hotel again; which is just 300 mt near to Calangute Beach; whereas we can hear the high wave in the night.

Untold Story of Goa: Day-2

We start our crazy morning with FENI and local South Indian Food Idly-Sambhar from nearby Hotel. And then we leave the Hotel at 8 AM and go to Old Goa; which is almost one-hour ride from Calangute Beach. We experience; this is defining the real virtue and essence of Portuguese cultural when we see St.Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church; one of the Oldest Church in Goa; with its fabulous and spectacular architecture.

Story of Goa-Where to Visit and Nightlife

It gives the absolute feeling that we are travelling European Countries; where people are different by their tradition and culture. Sceneries and nature are also different. I visited many places around the country but never find such fantastic architecture anywhere across. The best part of Goa is; you will not find even a single similar home. Every home, villa, bungalow has its unique architecture, colouring and overlook with covering green plants. This is my experience written in the content of “Story of Goa-Where to Visit and Nightlife”.

Destination 2 on Day-2:

In the afternoon, we leave for St. Augustine church; which is Popular for the shooting of movies. Here you can find GREEN LUSK TEAKS and SAL TREES covering the road from the dry leaf.
In Goa Churches are popularly for extensive history and reminds you of Catholic Culture and about Roman Era. Most of the church now declared heritage sites. Because of that, you will find crowed everywhere apart from St.Augustine Church.

Destination 3 on Day-2:

In the evening, we start travelling throughout Panjim City; where you will find Portuguese Architecture everywhere and less crowded beautiful and clean roads. In the prime evening time, we have eye witness of the coastal guards and warship; they come for patrolling in the Mandovi River; where we find the best of Panjim Casino, which Goa is known for.


Destination 4 on Day-2 (Casino Night):

After having refreshment, we go for Casino Night in the Casino Pride; one of the best Casinos in the Left Side of Mandovi river (Panjim City). It takes 5-minutes ride from Panjim Bus stand. In Casino Pride, we paid Rs.9000 for three people and have vast experience.


Finally, we earn 4500 hundred after losing 9000 in Poker. We do not regret it. The philosophy is simple; at the end of the day only experience matters. We played for the very first time in life. Indian warm drink is epic having a unique taste, which we never find anywhere else in Goa. This is my experience written in the content of “Story of Goa-Where to Visit and Nightlife”.

I must tell you to go to Big Daddy Casino. You will get a great experience and warm hospitality in Portuguese Style if you want to go for minimum cost with exceptional service.

Untold Story of Goa: Day-3

After completing City Tour, Forts, Casino Night, we want to visit something thrill and do some adventurous rides. Again, in the very next morning, we leave the Hotel at 7 AM and take our riding beast, Royal Enfield, to find Dudh Sagar Waterfall; one of the rare and wildest waterfall or formally know as a Hunted Waterfall in the Mollem National Park; 75km away from Panjim.

We start the ride from the national park with the help of a local guide and went to 10km dense forest. And hike for 1km to the cliffside. It is thrilling, and we are eyewitness of KAT Fish and a variety of CRABS in the river. After 1km of hiking, we reach our destination Dudh-Sagar Waterfall; the highest waterfall in the Down-West. We dive into the waterfall from 10mt height which is thrilling and epic. We also eyewitness of Rattle Snake and Russel Wiper Snake; one of the poisoners sneaks in the world.

Story of Goa-Where to Visit and Nightlife

Adventures in journey or life, which thrills you, gives the absolute pleasure of happiness and joy.
After such an exciting and everlasting memorial day, we come back to the Hotel again by driving 75km back to the Hotel. This travelling track and route is fantastic. It has a cashew tree and Green Teak it’s beside. Sal Trees makes this route, one of the dens road with so many narrow patches. Literally, it was a pleasant evening ride. All this makes a clear understanding of Why to Visit Goa at least once in a life.

Always carry your passport/DL for security purpose

Untold Story of Goa: Day-4

It is our second last day, and so many things need to discover. We leave Hotel again around 7 AM and go to Agoda Fort and capture some photographs. Yes, Agoda Fort is a popular location; if you are fond of taking pictures or are photogenic, then this is the perfect place for you. You can see a large Cargo Ships from this place.

We arrive for the Old Central Jail of Goa; which is known as (KALA PANI KI SAZA). So many stories have been written on KALA PANI explaining its brutality and inhumanity. You can find a Church over Central Jail; which is accessible for Smuggler. In the history of Drug-Smuggling; an essential drug smuggling deal was happened and captured by Goa Police here.

Destination 2 on Day-4:

Then we move to Dona Paula Beach; where we take Dolphin Ride and Moto Cruze Ride.
It is unlucky day for us; we haven’t seen any dolphin even after a long ride. Then we try Moto Cruze Ride, and it is a beautiful and sweet experience. We are hitting and touching waves and enjoying the ride without caring for anything else. We enjoy seeing sunset and capturing some beautiful memoirs into our DSLR to understand and remember those unforgettable memories till our last breath.


After sunset, we started feeling hungry and decides to try local food. But yes, we are going to try Fish Curry and Rice in the best restaurant Kamal in the Panjim City; near to Lady Immaculate Church.
After the delicious and tasty dinner, we ride our beast across the city and return to the hotel midnight.

Untold Story of Goa: Climax Day

Our last day in Goa, we are looking for some remote and less crowded Beach; where we can capture some memories, piece and feel the beauty of the Arabian sea. Hence, we decide to reach Morjim Beach; most of the people know this for Nude Beach. But it’s not like that. Yes! You will find that most of the crowd are from foreign travellers. But this is the place where you can feel and take local spa over the sunlight.

We took ride from Morjim to Siolim Riverside Chapel and tried Houseboat Ride for 10 minutes to rich next side of the backwater. Also tired fishing in a backwater with locals and then went to Thalassa. We have lunch there and take rest. The ambience of Thalassa is fabulous. We leave Thalassa in the evening and go for shopping. We also try some local ethnic clothes and make payment for some. Some unique design architecture stuff for family in the bag area is also here. I realized “why to visit Goa” attest once in life.

Adieu Goa:

Now its time to say goodbye to Goa. We start winding up the things. With bag and baggage. We finally reach Mapusa around 8 PM and waiting for us Bus after dropping the bike in the Calangute.

We have dinner in Mapusa and tried fish again as we know, we are going to miss this food a lot, and say adieu to Goa around 10 PM.

Story of Goa-Where to Visit and Nightlife
Dusk is just an illusion because the sun is either above the horizon or below it.

The best therapy is Beach Therapy. I felt the saying of Mattie Stepanek from the bottom of my heart why “Sunset is still my favourite colour, and rainbow is the second”. The trip of Goa makes me more modest. Because, until we are not lost, do we begin to understand ourselves. This is my experience written in the content of “Story of Goa-Where to Visit and Nightlife”.

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